Model Shares Her Experience Working With Savage X Fenty

Savage X Fenty is rated

Model Shares Her Experience Working With Savage X Fenty

Loved everything I ordered. Thank you

Hi I need to exchange an item but I dont know how to do it. I tried the online chat but it said the person couldn’t do exchanges and canceled the chat. How do you exchange an item? Thank you

Hello Laura,We’ve sent you a request on asking for your account information in order for us to pull up your account and assist you further. Kindly check your email notification from or log on to the website to respond to the request and we'll be happy to assist you.Best,


Read 1 more review about Savage X Fenty Hi Karina, We’re happy to know that you love everything that you brought from us! It seems a piece of lovely music to our ears. We always value fashionable and sexy ideas, only offered to our lovely members, and we look forward to your more positive shopping experiences.Best,


Great products and excellent service

Hi Alisha, Thank you for your excellent review. We are very glad to hear that you love your Savage X Fenty order and our service. We always strive to provide excellent total member satisfaction, and we want to prove it to you every day. Thank you for choosing Savage X Fenty and we are pretty confident that you will not regret forever your membership! Best, Kobe

The Customer service Rep was great help and fast. Made my exchange very fast and easy. The turn around on getting my new item was within a week.

Hello Amy,Awesome! Thanks for admiring Riri! We appreciate you doing business with us! Have a wonderful day!Best,


So the merchandise is amazing but the communication and customer service is poor.

I made two exchanges from one order (3 bras and 5 panties) but only the panties showed up as an exchange and bras were not put as an exchange or a return so I called customer service and the first rep (who’s time was flat and nonchalant; which I was ok I’ll still pleasant he could be having a long shift or a rough day) told me only the panties were put as an exchange and the bras were put as a return. But I know I entered it in correctly because when put a request in for an exchange you must put the size you want before you can submit it and get the return shipping email. So about a week later I saw my exchange for the panties were processed and being sent but not a word on a refund or credit to my account for the bras. So I called again and explained everything to the second rep (who had a rude/ “matter of fact” tone) he said there was nothing they can do it wasn’t processed and once it was my bank could possibly be holding it. Which I was thought was weird because if I sent everything back at one time how was the panties processed and being shipped out but the bras weren’t processed… ok cute. So I played the waiting game some more and decided to order my missing bras as I wait for the credit or refund because by this point I’ve received my panties so on week 3 I call again to see what’s going on because 1) all the stuff I sent back has been completely processed and I can see that in the email they sent me about the 8 items sent back and 2) not only did I receive the replacing panties, I also received the bras I reordered and spent more the 2nd time buying them because the first time there was a 30% off on the website for Rihanna’s birthday. So the 3rd rep I talked was very nice but wasn’t understanding this long confusing story when I was explaining everything to them (which is understandable). But the interesting thing they had said was “ALL THE ITEMS ( including the bras!!) WERE SHOWING AS AN EXCHANGE” so they were about resend me everything because they were under the impression I got none of my exchange but I stopped them and explained I got all my items because the panties were successfully exchanged and the bras I reordered because I didn’t want to wait for them to sell out in my size, so now I’m looking for a refund or a credit on my account. Then she started stating the same crap as the last one which I retorted that I can see everything has been processed about a week now and I haven’t gotten an email acknowledging my refund it says I should on your website. So then she says it showing that the request for a refund has went to my bank so I should get it in 5-7 business days. I was thinking hallelujah an answer, but guess what a week later no email and no refund. So I decided to call one last time and my patience was none existent at this point. The fourth rep the last was very nice and we went through the same drill of me telling him this long and confusing story and the tried to say my back had it and I told that’s what the last rep told me last week, so he told me to call my bank so I did and they had no notice of any refund only charges from the orders I made. Last week they apparently canceled my account without my permission and I called and confirmed to see if it was canceled because the only notice I got was an email saying “sorry to see you go. Which is a shame because I’m huge Rihanna fan and I’ve supported every one of her ventures I can afford to. Again merchandise is beautiful, great quality, and made me feel great, Which is why I gave 2 stars instead of one but that month long run around was ridiculous.

Savage fenty is great. Embraces all shapes and sizes.

Hi Linwood,Thanks for your effort in writing a review! It is always our goal to serve you with the best we can and we are glad to know that we delivered! Best,


Hello Jessica,Awesome! Thanks for writing a review! We are happy to know that you love our products and services! We will make sure to continuously create unique products that suit the needs of our valued members you!Best,


Package came on time. Love the product

Hello Shalaymiah,Thanks for writing positive feedback! We're glad to hear you love your purchase and it arrives on time! Your satisfaction is what we always aim for. Take care!Best,


Hi Aiquel,Lovely feedback! We sincerely appreciate it and we’re always happy to hear that our members are satisfied. Hope you have a wonderful day!Best,


Beautiful underwear. Great material. Sexy style

Hello Stephanie,Wow! Thanks for admiring our products! Rest assured that we will continue providing unique and new styles for members you. Enjoy your purchase!Best,


Only a four star because of how long it took to receive my order, but the next order was better!

Hi Lakeenya,Thank you for writing a review! We are sorry to hear about the delay you have experienced. We are glad to hear that this was improved on your succeeding orders. Your comments regarding our service will help us know what we can do better. Best,


I’m very happy with all my purchases. The bras all fit perfectly. I was hesitant about the micro fiber panties. I thought no way they would fit and that for sure they would ride up where I don’t want them. I was totally wrong. They are quite stretchy and stay put when you have them on. I will be ordering more immediately.

Hi Jill,Thank you for writing a review and for letting us know about your experience with our product! We aspire to provide stylish and quality products and it makes us happy that you are satisfied. Have a great day!Best,


Great products and great service. Inclusivity makes this brand truly stand out. The T-Shirt bras have been a true game changer as they look amazing under any shirt and fits so well.

Hello Madison,Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us. It makes us happy to know that you are satisfied with the products and services that we provide to our members.Best,Daniel

I purchased 5 items because Coronavirus means WFH for me, and I thought I could use some nice things as a pick me up.


Rihanna models new Savage x Fenty lingerie after boyfriend split

Model Shares Her Experience Working With Savage X Fenty

Rihanna has reportedly split from boyfriend Hassan Jameel and is rumoured to be dating A$AP Rocky – but all she cares about right now is modelling the latest Savage x Fenty lingerie range.

Just weeks after she promoted the brand’s Valentine’s Day collection, the Work singer returned to Instagram on Friday to launch the Spring collection and has tapped Motivation singer Normani to star in the campaign.

Name a more perfect duo… we’ll wait.

In her campaign shots, RiRi, 31, is seen lounging on the floor in a set of lace underwear with matching stockings and a purple cropped wig.

Seriously, she really can pull off any colour.

Teasing another matching set from the collection, RiRi wears a polka dot bra and knickers still in keeping with the purple theme.

Normani, 23, models a pastel pink set while sitting by a window surrounded by pretty flowers and plants creating an ethereal garden vibe.

The singers also star in a campaign video which shows them posing during the photo shoot.

RiRi is clearly fond of Normani as the former Fifth Harmony singer also walked in Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty fashion show last year, which aired exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Clearly, the only thing on Rihanna’s mind right now is business as the speculation mounts about her love life.

View this post on Instagram

🤎💖✨ @savagexfenty

A post shared by Normani (@normani) on

Earlier this month, it was reported that the Needed Me singer split from billionaire businessman Hassan after three years of dating.

It was then claimed that RiRi was now dating rapper A$AP Rocky and had shared a hotel suite during a recent trip to New York.

A source told The Sun’s Bizarre: ‘They shared a hotel suite during that trip in New York. However, Rihanna is reluctant to put a label on it as it’s so soon after Hassan.

‘They’re really enjoying each other’s company and taking things easy as it’s still early days.

‘It’s really casual between them and she’s not thinking about whether there’s a future with Rocky. She’s a newly-single girl having fun.’

Rihanna and ASAP – real name Rakim Mayers – have been seen hanging out multiple times, including on the day her split from Hassan was revealed earlier in January.

However, an insider says Rihanna just wants to be a single gal focusing on herself, loved ones and work.

They told E! News: ‘[Rihanna] just got a long intense relationship with Hassan. She wants to be single and isn’t going to jump into something.’

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EXCLUSIVE: I Accidentally Modeled For Rihanna

Model Shares Her Experience Working With Savage X Fenty

Source: Elliot & Erick / Courtesy of Iman McDonnaugh

Imagine getting booked for a job and then finding out after the fact that your mysterious boss was badgalriri herself! Well, for one seasoned model that became her reality after discovering that the lingerie campaign her agent had secured for her was actually for Savage x Fenty!

Iman McDonnaugh showed up to work with no clue who she was shooting for. “We didn’t actually find until pretty recently well after the job was done,” she said. “We had no idea what we were shooting when we were shooting it they wouldn’t tell us anything.”

While she didn’t know the “Sex With Me” singer was the designer behind the lacy bralettes she was sporting but the fact that the shoot was shrouded in secrecy gave her a hint that it was “something really big.”

She and a friend worked on a shoot and even after their representation revealed who it was for they still had trouble believing it because they “thought it was too good to be true!”

During the shoot she and her fellow models “had a lot of fun.” She says, “the crew was really nice.” There was music streaming through the set to set the mood including “some Spice Girls throwbacks.”

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While many have criticized the brand for not going far enough to include everyone (the bra sizes extended to triple D and most lingerie items extended to 3X) as a model she has a more nuanced perspective.

“From the designer standpoint, I’m sure it’s difficult to do every single thing at one time. I think it’s great that she went up to the sizes that she did. Could she go up larger? Yes.

Do I think that she might? Sure! I mean let’s give her some credit.”

She also appreciated the then ‘mystery brand’s’ inclusion efforts, “all of us girls that were on set were all different sizes, so we knew that it was gonna be a range of sizes as well as skin colors which is really nice.

A lot of girls try to find nude bras to wear under clothes and it’s not the easiest thing because up until recently nude has just been one color.

I really appreciated the fact that it came in a range of skin colors for all different types of women.”

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McDonnaugh loved the line’s products even without knowing their origin. She says that when it comes to lingerie, “I think the most important thing for me is that it’s comfortable.” She loved that the Fenty selections “ranged from basic pieces that you could wear every day to stuff that’s really kind of exciting.”

Source: Elliot & Erick / Courtesy of Iman McDonnaugh

The models’ values align with the Fenty brand. McDonnaugh has been unapologetic about using her voice to reinforce efforts to normalize all body shapes and skin tones in the media. “If there’s anything I can do to encourage diversity and the need for the representation of more than just one type of woman, I think it’s kind of a responsibility of mine to do so.”

She’s gone on record saying that token diversity isn’t good enough. Pointing out that while this launch included a range of body types other brands “tend to do it in an extreme way.”

“Everybody’s ‘oh look at the big girl,’ it’s kind of okay we’re still shocked that there are women that are bigger than a size 4. It’s still a conversation that there are girls bigger than a size 4 modeling and girls that are bigger than a size four are on TV.”

She says the same lackluster approach appears in beauty campaigns as well. “They’re ‘oh, look at our range of skin tones’ or whatever and it’s you know five different blonde white girls and they throw in one Black girl and they’re look we’re diverse now! You’re not though!”

Source: Elliot & Erick / Courtesy of Iman McDonnaugh

McDonnaugh advocates for plus-size women and emphasizes that the body positivity movement is not a trend nor is it up for your criticism guised by health concerns.

The model proudly states, “We’re women too, and we’ve always been here and now we have the opportunity for you to see us. Let’s just make it known that we’re a part of this we’re not a separate part we’re not a shocking part that we need to have a health discussion about.

We’re just the same women too. We just look a little different but let it be known that we’ve always been here.

McDonnaugh has been in many major campaigns for brands Forever 21 and Lane Bryant over the years and she’s received ton of love from those in her circle who are “always supportive of me,” but this time the feedback was overwhelming. “Everyone loves Rihanna and a lot of them were super stoked. My best friend’s little sister messaged me and she was ‘oh my my god’ I’m so shook!”

She hopes that more brands will seamlessly integrate models of all sizes into their ads without publicly congratulating themselves for it. “If you want to do a campaign about it fantastic, but do it equally.”


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Yaaasss Queen! After One Month, Fenty Beauty Is Valued At $72 Million

Rihanna Steps Out In Versace To Celebrate Her Latest Fenty Beauty Releases


Model Shares Her Experience Working With Savage X Fenty

Model Shares Her Experience Working With Savage X Fenty

As far as Lulu Bonfils is concerned, Rihanna's forthcoming Savage X Fenty line will be nothing short of revolutionary, and she's glad she's part of it. The slinky wardrobe designed and backed by the Shut Up and Drive singer attracted Bonfils, because of the body-positive image it's been marketing, and she says the hype is anything but hollow.

A full-figured model and an art student at the Pratt Institute in New York, she literally screamed when she heard she'd made the short list of parading around in Rihanna's wares.

She lucked out with a casting call that required a shoot on a Malibu beach with her in two Savage outfits.

To Bonfils, the shoot and a chance to model a celebrity-designed line of evening dress was a dream experience.


“The attitude of it is, the pieces are very powerful but sexy and soft but strong,” said Bonfils about the wardrobe. “It’s , people’s favorite kind of extra lingerie pieces that you really just feel very sexy in”.

Those sentiments echo the mission statement made by Rihanna, who's admittedly not exactly bearing a figure that the runway set requires.

A bit curvy herself, she correctly assumed there was a huge, underserved market of women being left the lingerie market simply because of their ample curves.

Now, with attitudes changing towards more body-positive perspectives, the performer is about to strike while the iron is hot.

Savage X Fenty features a number of plus-sized outfits designed to make women feel better about themselves. Rihanna chose the Savage identity to brand her product as a signal that women would be empowered enough to embrace the figures they have, ignoring old-school fashionistas still pointing to some of the outdated features of yesteryear models.

The Rihanna line certainly doubles as a reassuring message of reinforcement to Bonfils, who admitted she experienced a great deal of anxiety, obsessive-impulsive nuances, and a number of mental health issues related to her own body image. Getting herself together, she managed to land a contract with Wilhelmina Models, which led to shoots for Gypsy Sport and Nike as well as her current stint with Muse Models.

Grateful for the opportunity to model the Savage X Fenty line (which comes out later in May), has given her the confidence to share her experience with other women with similar issues vented on social media.

“It’s not just about me and just about how I’m feeling. I’m doing this for young girls so they won’t have to feel how all of us felt when we were younger”.

We applaud the body-positivity that exists here. And Bonfils is WERKING it!


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Could Rihanna’s new lingerie line turn out to be her greatest hit?

Model Shares Her Experience Working With Savage X Fenty

Flesh rolls, stretch marks and dimpled thighs aren’t a traditional mainstay of New York fashion week, nor are lingerie shows ever deemed to have a finger on the pulse. But if the hype around Rihanna’s new collection is anything to go by, the industry is bracing itself for a wobble.

This Tuesday the star, named the world’s richest female musician by Forbes, will be mounting her second Savage X Fenty show at an as-yet-to-be-disclosed Brooklyn venue. As per her debut last year, which was celebrated as a game-changing “festival of flesh of all skin tones” by Vogue, the spectacle is expected to be diverse, inclusive and attended by fashion and celebrity A-listers.

Last year Rihanna staged a direct assault on the traditionally hard-bodied, Barbie-doll aesthetic entrenched in the multibillion-dollar underwear industry by including plus size and pregnant models on her catwalk.

This year she is making no bones about occupying the space created by the fast-declining but still dominant Victoria’s Secret. Rihanna’s event will be streamed on 20 September by Amazon Prime, and is expected to be aggressively marketed to its app users and customer base, propelling the viewership and sales far beyond the reach of any other show.

After a 20-year tenure and posting its worst ever viewing figures last year, Victoria’s Secret’s annual show won’t be broadcast on television at all this year.

The brand best known for its frou-frou polyester knicker sets and fairy wings has been battered by its association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who falsely posed as a model scout for the company.

Epstein used his close friendship with Leslie Wexner, then head of the retailer’s parent company L Brands, to facilitate his alleged crimes against young girls.

But mainly Victoria’s Secret has suffered for failing to adapt to social and consumer change, unable to influence the cultural zeitgeist in a way it once did.

While the company still generated sales of $7.4bn (£6bn) in 2018, its market share dropped from 33% to 24% in just two years. The chain has struggled to resonate with younger buyers, who appear to be choosing comfort over seduction, and will close 53 stores in the US alone this year.

The Savage X Fenty fall/winter 2018 show at New York fashion week. Photograph: JP Yim/Getty Images for Savage X Fenty

Rihanna’s vision for Savage X Fenty, which launched with more than 90 styles of bras, knickers, bodysuits, rompers and robes, has been designed by her for women her – who, as she put it, might be “a curvy girl with thighs and a little bit of booty and hips”. The brand is speaking directly to a contemporary audience hungry for a less narrow and prescriptive representation of sexiness.

Meanwhile, Victoria’s Secret has not hidden its debt to male fantasies. As noted by the Atlantic, its former president, Howard Gross, boasted of “never conducting any research into what actual women wanted from their underwear or their lives”.

The company itself was founded in 1977 by a man named Roy Raymond who “imagined it as a haven for straight men, something more titillating than the mainstream department-store offerings but less salacious and fringe than sex shops”.

The advertising campaigns and lingerie sets that followed were dreamed up from men’s sexual fantasies, rather than making any claim of “empowering” women through garters and bralets.

Rihanna, who has sold 60 million albums and 215 million digital tracks, making her the biggest-selling digital artist of all time, has been lauded for her business prowess. She pivoted from pop music to cosmetics with Fenty Beauty in 2017. The range was met with hysteria: when it was launched in the UK exclusively at Harvey Nichols, queues formed around the block.

Savage X Fenty, which announced a $50m round of new funding from backers last week, followed in 2018 and has cemented the 31-year-old’s reputation for immense savvy. Both brands have been actively designed, led and curated by Rihanna, whose authenticity and “BadGalRiRi” image remains a key part of her appeal.

Models wear items from the range. Photograph: Savage X Fenty

“Women should be wearing lingerie for their damn selves,” she said when the brand launched. “I can only hope to encourage confidence and strength by showing lingerie in another light. You don’t have to stick to one personality … I want people to wear Savage X Fenty and think: ‘I’m a bad bitch’.”

Casting relatable women in beauty and lingerie campaigns, and offering products that cater to all body shapes and skin tones, and at affordable prices, may seem obvious, but it remains a groundbreaking model for the industry.

According to Lou Stoppard, former editor of the fashion site SHOWStudio, Rihanna’s success lies in serving consumers ignored by the mainstream: “Not content with merely shaking up a beauty market that seemed committed to ignoring non-white women, she’s Fenty-fying our underwear drawers. [Rihanna has] spotted the gap in the market for underwear that doesn’t equate female excellence with a penchant for goji berries and 5am starts to get to the gym”.

“,”author”:”Nosheen Iqbal”,”date_published”:”2019-09-08T08:00:37.000Z”,”lead_image_url”:”″,”dek”:null,”next_page_url”:null,”url”:””,”domain”:””,”excerpt”:”The star’s Savage X Fenty range is stealing the market from Victoria’s Secret”,”word_count”:837,”direction”:”ltr”,”total_pages”:1,”rendered_pages”:1}