Question: What Is A Synonym For The Word Riff?

What is it called when an actor forgets his lines?

It’s called ‘going up if a stage actor draws a blank and can’t come up with something to say.

It’s up to their castmates to save them by using their line to bring the actor back to their line (if the line has importance).

If the line is not critical, they just move on from that point and pick up from that spot..

What is it called when actors make up lines?

IMPROVISATION: Acting done spontaneously and without a script; everything is made up on the spot. Often used in rehearsals to strengthen understanding of character. MOTIVATION: What drives a character (and the actor portraying him) to act.

What is another word for riff?

What is another word for riff?takeinterpretationvariationgrooveloopmelodyostinatophraserefrainsample8 more rows

What does RIF mean in acting?

reduction in forceUse rif in a sentence. abbreviation. RIF is defined as an abbreviation for reduction in force and means for a job function to be eliminated.

What is RIF riff?

reduction in forceRIF. acronym for “reduction in force”, i.e. a layoff. As a verb, to lay off. He got RIFed. See more words with the same meaning: acronyms (list of).

What is the definition of a leitmotif?

A leitmotif or leitmotiv (/ˌlaɪtmoʊˈtiːf/) is a “short, constantly recurring musical phrase” associated with a particular person, place, or idea. It is closely related to the musical concepts of idée fixe or motto-theme. … It may also be “combined with other leitmotifs to suggest a new dramatic condition” or development.

Is riff a Scrabble word?

RIFF is a valid scrabble word.

What’s it called when an actor goes off script?

When an actor stars in an otherwise scripted play, and he goes off script, then he is said to be using. However, when the entire performance is off script (when there was no script to begin with), the practice is called improvisation.

What is Riff slang for?

Definition of riff. (Entry 1 of 3) 1 : an ostinato phrase (as in jazz) typically supporting a solo improvisation also : a piece based on such a phrase. 2 : a rapid energetic often improvised verbal outpouring especially : one that is part of a comic performance. 3 : a succinct usually witty comment.

Is Rif a word?

RIF is a valid scrabble word.

What is an example of a riff?

The definition of a riff is a short rhythm phrase used in music, that is often played when a soloist is performing or when chords and harmonies are changing. An example of a riff is a repeated phrase that is used to lead up to an improvisational solo or used behind a solo in a song. “Riff.” YourDictionary. LoveToKnow.

What’s the definition of riffing?

verb. (intr) to play or perform riffs in jazz or rock music. informal to speak amusingly or make (amusing comments or remarks)