Question: Where Can I Find Customer Account Group In SAP?

What is account type in SAP?

Account types in FI module is denoted by one character out of the five default characters that sap has delivered.

It specifies different area to which a General Ledger A/c belongs.

All General Ledger Master data in sap has to be created under one of these standard SAP account types..

Can we change vendor account group in SAP?

XK07 is for changing the account group. For deletion you must change the vendor XK02 (extras> deletion flag) and set the flag for deletion flag. This will not delete that vendor master record. It is possible to stop that vendor record being viewed if you archive marked for deletion vendors.

What is group chart of accounts in SAP?

In SAP, the Chart of Accounts (COA) is defined at the client level and assigned to each company code. It is a list of General Ledger account’s master data that fall under different account groups of a company code. This grouping mechanism helps to develop better financial reports. Types of Chart of Accounts.

How do I change my GL Group in SAP?

You have to create New Account group with same number range as created earlier so that existing GL could be assigned to them . If you don’t do so you will not be able to change account group. Then in FSE2 you will have to changing Mapping of FS items.

How do I find my customer group in SAP?

4 Answers. Enter the customer number in XD03 and click enter. Once the screen displays the customer name go to dropdown extras–> Administrative Data. This will give you the account group and the creation date of the customer.

What is customer account group in SAP?

Customer account groups in SAP are used to classify customers into business partner functions that fit best the nature of the business transaction. … It determines the role of a customer and customer master data. When a customer account is created, it is assigned to a certain account group.

How do you account groups in SAP?

How to create Account Group in SAPStep 1) Enter T Code “OBD4” in the SAP command field and enter.Step 2) On change view “G/L Account Groups” overview screen, click on new entries to maintain the accounts.Step 4) After updating the details, click on save button.

How do I find a vendor account group in SAP?

Log on to SAP Sourcing as a user with system administration rights. Choose Setup. On the Master Data tab, find the Organization and Accounting Information section and click Vendor Account Group.

How do I change customer group in SAP?

Steps In the SD Master Data Screen, select Business partners — Customer — Display — Change account group. … Enter the number of the payer whose account group you wish to change and press ENTER. … Press ENTER. … Enter the required account group in the field New account group and press ENTER. … Press ENTER.More items…

How do I assign a customer to a group in SAP?

How to Create Customer Account Group in SAPStep 1) Enter Transaction Code SPRO in the SAP Command Field.Step 2) In the next screen, Select ‘SAP Reference IMG’ button.Step 4) In the next screen , Select the ‘New Entries’ Button from Application Menu bar.Step 5) In the next screen , Enter the Following.More items…•

What is a customer in SAP?

Business Process Procedure Overview Customer master data is the data you require to conduct business relationships with your customers. It includes address data and terms of payment, for example. It also controls how business transactions are posted to a customer account and how the posted data is processed.

What is a group account?

Group accounts are special-purpose accounts that allow shared access to a common home directory for members of the group. System Support can create group accounts for research groups, projects, conference web pages, societies, etc. on request.

How do I assign a range of numbers to group?

Assign Number Ranges to Customer Account Group: -Step-1: Enter the transaction code OBAR in the SAP command field and click Enter to continue.(OR)Step-2: In the next screen, click on Position button and enter the required group name to navigate to the required field.Step-3: Now enter the number range corresponding to the group.More items…