Question: Who Is The Father Of Nicole’S Baby On 90 Day Fiance?

Do Nicole and Azan have a child?

There’s no baby No.

2 on the way for Nicole Nafziger.

The 90 Day Fiancé star cleared the air after an Instagram post sparked pregnancy rumors.

On Thursday, June 18, the Happily Ever After alum apologized for the misunderstanding as she confirmed she and fiancé Azan Tefou (real name: Hassan M’Raouni) are not expecting..

What is Nicole’s job on 90 day fiance?

“Nicole recently started a job working as a barista at a local Starbucks,” an insider exclusively told In Touch about Nicole’s new gig. “Her family hopes that having a job will help her fend for herself and really mature as an adult and a mother,” the insider added. But this new gig isn’t exactly new.

Is Devan and Jihoon still together?

Deavan and Jihoon are not together now “She is visiting here, but the travel restrictions have forced her to be here longer,” Elicia answered. “They are struck here until travel restrictions are lessened because of the virus.” So, Deavan and Lee are stuck in different countries for the time being.

Is Azan married to his cousin?

Report: 90 Day Fiance Star Azan Tefou Is Married To His Cousin & Has 3 Kids; The Money Nicole Nafziger Paid For A “Store” Reportedly A Payment Toward His Divorce.

Is Azan married to someone else?

Before we get to the theory, first digest this piece of gossip: Soap Dirt reported that Azan is allegedly married to someone else. “The leak says Azan Tefou married his cousin when he was 19,” the outlet stated. … She found out when she got the paperwork together to marry Azan.

Who is the father of Nicole’s daughter on 90 day fiance?

One thing that’s given many fans of 90 Day Fiancé pause is Nicole Nafziger’s choice to have May call Azan Tefou “daddy.” It’s apparent that Azan Tefou is the closest thing May has to a father figure in her life, but some fans feel as if it’s bizarre to teach May to call Tefou “daddy,” especially since the couple isn’t …

Who is Nicole’s baby daddy?

Larry Birkhead is the father to Anna Nicole Smith’s only daughter, Dannielynn. And on Wednesday he told UsWeekly what the 13-year-old student has in common with the supermodel who passed away in 2007 at the age of 39. ‘You know, the ability to spend money!’ Birkhead, 46, said half jokingly.

Is Azan the father of Nicole’s daughter?

Watchers know that Azan Tefou is not the father of Nicole’s young daughter although Nicole has her calling him “daddy”.