Quick Answer: Can You Swim At Mirissa Beach?

Which is better Mirissa or Unawatuna?

Hi, Mirissa is the better beach , more natura looking with more palm trees fringing the sand.

Unawatuna is a very narrow beach and in most places, guest houses, restaurants, etc built right up to and in some cases over the sands.

Has more choice of restaurants, bars etc..

What is special in Mirissa?

Secret Beach, Mirissa. A small pristine secluded beach and somewhat harder to get to. … Parrot Rock. In front of Mirissa Beach is a rock towering over the water, where you can climb up and see a bit of the Mirissa area. … Coconut tree spot. … The Doctors House. … Weligama. … Whale watching. … Day trip to Unawatuna & Galle Fort. … Surfing.More items…•

Is it dangerous to swim with whales?

Generally, swimming with whales is illegal, dangerous and a bad idea to approach this large marine mammals. It is even worse to go close to their calves. We all know about the protective instincts of a parent.

Can you swim through a whale artery?

Heart of the blue whale is the same size as the Mini Cooper. … Blue whale’s major arteries and veins are so large that small child can pass through them. Blue whales swim 5 miles per hour, but they can accelerate to 30 miles per hour when threatened.

Can you swim at Tangalle beach?

So Tangalla Beach is not perfect for swimming. … This small bay is one of the few recommended places to go swimming, with a sheltering reef that catches most of the big waves. It’s like a natural jacuzzi, lovely!

Can you swim in the sea in Sri Lanka?

The beach is one of Sri Lanka’s greatest attractions, but be careful of the undercurrent when swimming or participating in water activities. The surf can be unexpectedly strong, and it can pull unsuspecting swimmers out too far if they aren’t careful.

Can you swim in Negombo Beach?

No though the water is pretty muddy there. However swimming at Negombo is a big risk due to rip currents which can catch any swimmer unawares. This is true of many beaches on the west coast in fact.

Is Mirissa Beach Safe?

Mirissa Beach was heaps more crowded & very touristy. … Although it did look safer for swimming than at our beach at Kamburugamuwa . A good place to for dining as there are heaps of restaurants along the beachfront.

How much is it to swim with whales in Tonga?

The price for one trip swimming with whales is round about $ 325 and 3+ days it’s $ 300.

It is forbidden by law for anyone to swim with whales in Sri Lankan waters. An official permit from the government is needed to get in the water with the whales. If a tourist does not have a permit and they are in the water with a whale, they are breaking the law. The permit must be applied for in advance.

Is Tangalle worth visiting?

Tangalle has the potential to explode with tourism, but for now, it’s a very relaxed beach town with minimal tourists, local fishermen, great seafood and one very long sandy beach. Add it to your list of places to visit if you’re looking for a chilled out, relaxing few days in Sri Lanka!

How far is Tangalle from Mirissa?

28 milesThe overland distance from Tangalle to Mirissa is 28 miles (44 km).

Is Galle better than Bentota?

One reason is Galle is much far away than Bentota. The other thing in Galle you don’t have much hotels & resturants like Bentota. Also The Good hotels are not in the walking distances from the beach from where you can have a safe sea bath.