Quick Answer: Do You Have To Put Card Details In For Now TV?

Do you need a Sky account for Now TV?

If you’re a NOW TV member only: You’ll need to create a Sky iD before you can use it.

Just head online to set up your free account..

How do I remove my card details from now TV?

Re: Removing bank card details You can cancel your nowtv pass by going to the nowtv website homepage with an internet browser and click on My Account > My Passes where you should see the cancel button next to your pass, then click on it and just follow the step by step instructions.

How can I watch Now TV for free?

How to start your free trial. Just head to NOWTV.com, pick an Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Kids or hayu Pass and select Start free trial.

Why does now TV want my card details?

Why do I need to enter my payment details? … If you’re starting a free trial or if you have a voucher for a free Pass, your Pass will usually keep rolling at the standard price at the end of your offer period, and we’ll use these card details to take your payments each month.

Can you use a NOW TV box without a subscription?

Do I need an active Pass to use my NOW TV Box or Smart Stick? You need to create a free account and have an active Pass or free trial to start using your NOW TV Box or Smart Stick, and to watch movies, entertainment or sports on your TV.