Quick answer: What Cannot Be Seen Cannot Be Felt?

What cost nothing but is worth everything?

Time costs nothing but is worth everything—many people want more “time” at the end of their lives.

Time lasts a lifetime—it starts when you are born and ends, for that person anyway, as would love—when you die.

Time can’t be bought, but two people can share time together..

What can run never walks?

What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps? A river.

What has eye but can’t see?

The Brainliest Answer! a needle has an eye but can’t see…..

Which room can nobody enter?

Only Room You Can’t Enter or Leave. What’s the only room from which no one can enter or leave? A mushroom.

What’s the answer to the riddle I have 6 eggs?

If we play according to the rules of tenses in grammar, the eggs that were broken, cooked and eaten do not matter. You have six eggs with you. So these six eggs are different from the lot that were broken, cooked and eaten. The answer for this scenario is six eggs left.

What is round but not always round?

Sometimes you see me, sometimes you don’t. What am I? The moon. The moon.

What has a face but Cannot see?

What has six faces, but does not wear makeup, has twenty-one eyes, but cannot see? What is it? Answer: A die (dice).

What is white when it’s dirty?

What is black when it’s clean and white when it’s dirty? A chalkboard (or blackboard). It’s solid black when clean, and as you write on it with white chalk it becomes dirty. A chalkboard (or blackboard).

What cost nothing but can easily be lost?

What costs nothing but is very hard to find and can easily be lost? True friendship.

What has a face and arms but no legs?

What has a face and two hands, but no arms or legs? Answer: CLOCK.

What has roots that Cannot be seen?

“What has roots as nobody sees, Is taller than trees, Up, up it goes, And yet never grows?”

What is the answer to Gollum’s riddle?

A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid. One of Bilbo’s riddles for Gollum. The answer is “egg”.

What is the riddle from the Hobbit?

Alive without breath, As cold as death; Never thirsty, ever drinking, All in mail never clinking.

What is hard to get but easy to lose?

The Brainliest Answer! MONEY – Money is the thing we hardly brings it after working hard and it hardly comes but if we spent it uselessly then , it’s easy to lose .

What Cannot be used until it is broken?

“I can’t be used unless I’m broken. What am I?” The answer of course, is an egg. A simple egg holds such profound truth! To have empathy, you must have life experience – the hard knocks of walking on this planet.