Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Nebula?

What are two types of Nebula?

Astronomers generally classify nebulae into two broad categories — bright and dark.

Bright nebulae are close enough to nearby stars that they glow, although the method in which they produce that glow depends on two factors.

The first is a nebula’s proximity to the star, and the second is the star’s temperature..

What happens to a nebula over time?

Over time, the hydrogen gas in the nebula is pulled together by gravity and it begins to spin. As the gas spins faster, it heats up and becomes as a protostar. Eventually the temperature reaches 15,000,000 degrees and nuclear fusion occurs in the cloud’s core.

What is nebula plural?

Noun. nebula (plural nebulae or nebulas) (astronomy) A cloud in outer space consisting of gas or dust (e.g. a cloud formed after a star explodes). (archaic, medicine) A white spot or slight opacity of the cornea.

Is a nebula bigger than a galaxy?

Simply put, the main difference between galaxies and nebulae are an extreme difference in size, as well as their basic structure. A nebula is a cloud of dust and gas, usually tens to hundreds of light years across. A galaxy is much larger — usually thousands to hundreds of thousands of light years across.

What does nebula mean in Latin?

Nebula comes to us from Latin, where it meant “mist” or “cloud.” In its earliest English uses in the 1600s, nebula referred to a cloudy speck or film on the eye that caused vision problems. It was first applied to great interstellar clouds of gas and dust in the early 1700s.

Are we in a nebula?

This depends a lot on exactly how you define a nebulae, but we are actually in a very dense region of the interstellar medium, the local interstellar cloud. Observing it directly from Earth is very difficult, due to sunlight and the solar wind, but its magnetic field has been measured by the Voyager 2 probe.

What is the plural of alga?

Etymologically, algae is the plural of alga, but algae is sometimes used as an uncountable noun with singular verb agreement (similar to the usage of the word seaweed), or as a count noun to refer to a type of algae. The plural form algaes may be considered nonstandard.

What is the plural of basis?

The plural of “basis” is “bases”. “Bases” is also the plural of base. … Apparently “baseis” is the Greek plural of the Greek word “basis” not the English version, even though the origin of the word is Greek.

What is it like inside a nebula?

Nebulae are pretty only when they are hundreds of light-years away. They look thick and cloudy only because you see the structures of light-years in thickness. Once you’re close to them, their light spreads out so much that you can’t see them. You could fly your spaceship right into the nebula and never even know it.

What is the Latin word for galaxy?

Word Origin for galaxy C14 (in the sense: the Milky Way), from Medieval Latin galaxia, from Latin galaxias, from Greek, from gala milk; related to Latin lac milk.

What does the name nebula mean?

mist. ORIGIN:Latin. POPULARITY:16922. Nebula as a girl’s name is of Latin origin meaning “mist”. In astronomy, a nebula is a hazy mass around stars.

What causes a nebula?

Nebula Formation: In essence, a nebula is formed when portions of the interstellar medium undergo gravitational collapse. Mutual gravitational attraction causes matter to clump together, forming regions of greater and greater density.

What happens after a nebula?

Most Diffuse nebula contain mostly hydrogen with smaller amounts of helium, oxygen, sulfur, and other heavier elements. Eventually, when the stars born from the nebula progress, their solar wind will blow away the nebula into space leaving almost nothing but an open cluster of stars.

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