Quick Answer: Which Of The Following Aqueous Solutions Has The Highest Freezing Point?

Which of the following aqueous solutions has the highest boiling point?

Option (ii) 1.0 M Na2SO4 is correct because its molecular mass is highest among all that’s why its boiling point will be highest among four.

solution should have the highest boiling point.

So, the correct option is (ii)..

Why is freezing point depression of 0.1 M sodium chloride solution nearly twice that of 0.1 M glucose solution?

Answer: 0.1M NaCl and0. … The depression in freezingpoint is inversly proprotional to molar mass of solute thus more is molar mass of solute lesser is the depression in freezing point . Thus it can explain that the NaCl wil be more than the glucose.

Which has minimum freezing point?

The aqueous solution of 0.01M NaCl has a minimum freezing point.

Which of the following aqueous solution has minimum freezing point?

0.01 molal NaCl solution have minimum freezing point because its molality is more and it given two ions after dissociation of one molecule.

Which of the following aqueous solution will have highest depression in freezing point?

Since, lowest depression is observed for solution containing urea, hence it will have highest freezing point.

Which of the following 0.1 M aqueous solution will have the lowest freezing point?

Solution : Urea and glucose do not dissociate in solution. Sodium chloride gives two ions and potassium sulphate gives three ions per formula unit. Therefore, the effective number of particles is maximum in potassium sulphate, and it shows the maximum depression in freezing point.

Which of the following aqueous solution has highest freezing point?

We can see that lowest depression in freezing point is of 0.005M C2H5OH as it has least effective particle concentration. Since it has least depression, it has maximum freezing point. ◾️So, the correct answer is option (b).

Which of the solution has the highest freezing point?

1 molar of NaCl solution. B.1 molar of KCl solution. C.1 molar of CaCl2 solution. D.1 molar of urea solution. MEDIUM. Share. Save. Answer. 1 molar of urea solution has maximum freezing point. The depression in the freezing point is a colligative property and depends on the number of solute particles present in the solution.

Which of the following solution has highest freezing point at one atmosphere?

As FeCl3 solution contains maximum number of particles ,its freezing point should be lowest and glucose solution contains minimum number of solute particles, its freezing point should be highest.. What volume of 0.1 M HCL is required to titrate 500 ml of 0.5 M Na2CO3 and 0.4M NaHCO3?

Which of the following has maximum freezing point is?

4) 0.5M NaL(aq) Pure water has the maximum freezing point. The addition of non-volatile solute such as NaCl decreases the freezing point of water. So, NaCl solutions will have lower freezing points than pure water.