What Country Has The Loosest Gun Laws?

Which country has the least gun laws?

Although Mexico and Guatemala both have a constitutional right to bear arms, the US is in a league of its own, because it is the only country without any restrictions on gun ownership in its constitution..

What country has the best gun laws?

Switzerland has a stunningly high rate of gun ownership — here’s why it doesn’t have mass shootingsSwitzerland hasn’t had a mass shooting in 18 years.In the US, there is almost one every day.The Swiss have strict rules for who can get a gun, and take firearm training very seriously.More items…•

Which states have the loosest gun laws?

9 States With the Loosest Gun LawsArizona. Arizona is one of the most gun-friendly states. … Alaska. There are no waiting periods on gun purchases in Alaska. … Wyoming. You don’t need a concealed-carry permit in Wyoming. … Vermont. People as young as 16 can buy a gun in Vermont. … Kansas. … Kentucky. … Mississippi. … Utah.More items…•

What countries can you not have guns?

Taiwan, Korea (both North and South), Japan, China, and Singapore are perhaps the only nations on Earth which outright (or nearly outright) prohibit firearms ownership.

What is the most armed country in the world?

The US tops the list of countries with the most firearms, with more than one gun per person.United States. 120,413.Yemen. 53,144.Canada. 35,650.Pakistan. 21,422.Germany. 19,604.Iraq. 19,392.Saudi Arabia. 19,250.France. 18,925.More items…•

Who owns the most guns in the world?

Of the more than one billion firearms in the world, American citizens hold 393 million, for a population of roughly 326 million. According to the report, that is a gun ownership of 121 firearms per 100 civilians. The next highest rates are 53 in Yemen, 39 in Montenegro and Serbia, and 35 in Canada.