What Does Reach Out To Someone Mean?

How do you use reach out in a sentence?

He ached to reach out and hold her close.

We must reach out to those in need.

So far, his administration has failed to reach out to hardline Republicans.

She set up her charity to reach out to the thousands of homeless on the streets.

The government needs to reach out to those on the margins of society.More items…•.

What does reach out and touch someone mean?

5. I’m not sure that it qualifies as an “idiom”, but “reach out and touch someone” is a well-known poetic phrase meaning to make emotional contact with another human being. Using it to describe a weapon is intended to be ironic.

Will reach you meaning?

so, according to your question “I will reach you there” means you are going to somewhere and someone is waiting for you so you’re using this phrase . simultaneously “I will make you reach there” means you’re dropping someone to his/her location. Or you can say you are takin responsibility to drop your aunt to her home.

What can I say instead of reaching out?

What is another word for reach out?hold something outextendofferoutstretchpresentprofferhold forthoutreachput outstretch out33 more rows

What does it mean to get in touch?

Verb. 1. get in touch – establish communication with someone; “did you finally connect with your long-lost cousin?” touch base, connect. interact – act together or towards others or with others; “He should interact more with his colleagues”