What Is A Dementor?

Can dementors kill you?

Dementors in Harry Potter are creatures who are unable to die as they were never really alive.

They also have the ability to perform the Dementor’s Kiss, which renders its victims in a permanent trance-like state.

Dementors can not really be killed, exactly.

They can be defeated by using the Patronus Charm, however..

Are Dementors depressed?

When a Dementor From ‘Harry Potter’ Lives in Your Mind. I forget where I read it or heard it, but the dementors in “Harry Potter” are the embodiment of J.K. Rowling’s depression. A depression that makes you feel cold and numb and sucks all the happiness out of the world.

What exactly are Dementors?

Dementors are dark creatures that consume human happiness, creating an ambiance of coldness, darkness, misery and despair. Because of their power to drain happiness and hope from humans, they have been set the duty of being guards at Azkaban, where they prevent the prisoners from having the will or ability to escape.

Why are Dementors attracted to Harry?

Because dementors seek to suck out the souls of their prisoners, it’s plausible that they are especially drawn to Harry because — as it is revealed in the last book — he actually possesses a fragment of Lord Voldemort’s soul as well.

How does one become a Dementor?

According to J.K. Rowling on Pottermore, Dementors were originally born from the darkness of the mansion that became Azkaban. Now, they breed with each other, producing mists of despair, as in The Half-Blood Prince: The Other Minister: “And they’re [the Dementors] breeding. That’s what’s causing all this mist.”

Does a Dementors kiss kill you?

Dementor’s Kiss. The Dementor’s Kiss is the act of a Dementor sucking out a person’s soul. It was sometimes used as a sentence for criminals by the Ministry of Magic, and is considered a fate worse than death.

Are Dementors good?

Yes, Dementors or evil to Harry Potter and much of the Wizarding world, but it really depends on your point of view. They aren’t good to humanity, but they aren’t technically evil. … They live on the happy memories and souls of human beings, just as we live on the meat of lesser creatures.

Can Avada Kedavra kill Dementor?

No one has ever demonstrated the ability to kill a Dementor, by Avada Kedavra or otherwise, implying that they can not be killed through physical means, but can only be driven away or temporarily kept at bay. … As the Patronus is not alive, the Dementor cannot feed on it.

What was Voldemort’s Patronus?

If you take her word for it: Voldemort probably has no Patronus. At the very least, he wouldn’t ever need one. In a Bloomsbury Live Chat interview cited by several Potter fan sites, someone asked Rowling about Death Eaters and the Patronus charm.