Who Is Better Octane Or Caustic?

Should I get wattson or caustic?

Both have distinct advantages but Caustic can be slightly more aggressive than Wattson due to his ultimate and ability to place his traps as cover.

So if you play more passively then pick Wattson but if you play aggressive, choose Caustic.

Wattson is currently more viable than Caustic in my opinion..

Is Octane a girl?

Octane is atually female, no man has a stomach that cute. Another source of Potential proof is that their name is Octavia and following their spanish heritage denotes it as a more feminine name due to the (a) at the end.

Who is better caustic or octane?

Octane is better in every way. Pick octane if you are good at avoiding tunnel vision in the heat of battle. If you find yourself making less than great plays when crap hits the fan then caustic might help you survive more.

Which is better octane mirage or caustic?

Caustic is good at playing defensively and letting the enemy come to you, whereas mirage and octane are better at in your face rush downing. … Caustic is good but doesn’t fit well with an aggressive play style as well as annoying for your teammates, mirage is in desperate need of a buff, and octane is just good.

How long does caustic ULT last?

Caustic itself is immune to any Nox damage. Not much too say, self-explaining, his passive should have at least an impact. Throwing a nox grenade that explodes after 0.5 seconds spreads around from its starting point, enemies will getting damaged up to two seconds after leaving the nox field.

Is wattson worth buying?

Depending on how many tokens you have and your current level, getting Wattson this way can take quite a while. But if you don’t want to spend real money, it’s worth it. … Apex Coins are premium currency, and so can be earned through using real money, as well as playing the game.

Why does wattson have a scar?

Wattson, who was leaked months and months ago along with Octane, is the newest legend joining in on the Apex Games. Wattson’s kit is heavily focused on the use of electricity. … That’s no normal scar, that’s a Lichtenberg scar, which is usually created from a heavy dose of electricity.

Is caustic a villain?

Alexander Nox, a.k.a. Caustic, is one of the only true “villains” in the Apex Legends roster at launch. … Now Caustic has joined the rest of the Apex Legends characters in their battle royale. Only he’s not interested in the money. Instead, Caustic just wants more test subjects for his deadly Nox gas.

Is wattson a good legend?

The higher up you go in ranked, the better your opponents get and the better their shots are. This means players are better off grabbing their own little corner of the circle and locking it down. And this makes Wattson the perfect Ranked character in Apex.

Is caustic immune to enemy gas?

Caustic is immune to the effects of Nox Gas whether it belongs to him or an enemy Caustic. Enemies inside the gas created from your tactical and ultimate abilities are highlighted green, similar to a threat scope.

Is caustic slow?

They do move exactly the same speed. Developers confirmed it on twitter, and it has been tested since. The animation makes them look slower but they actually move the same speed. Caustic is currently in a weak state because his traps disorient his own teammates.

Can caustic hurt other caustics?

Since enemies can’t see through the gas, Caustic players can use it as cover to revive teammates or quickly heal. … As such, Caustic players can’t be damaged by other users’ Nox Gas and vice versa.

Who is the best legend in Apex?

Best Legends to use in Apex Legends Season 5: Ultimate tier listWraith. Respawn Entertainment. … Mirage. Respawn Entertainment. … Bloodhound. Respawn Entertainment. … Wattson. Respawn Entertainment. … Caustic. Respawn Entertainment. … Lifeline. Respawn Entertainment. … Bangalore. Respawn Entertainment. … Pathfinder. Respawn Entertainment.More items…•

What type of gas does caustic use?

Nox GasCaustic excels in close-quarter situations. His abilities all centre around his patented Nox Gas, which slows, blinds, and damages enemies caught inside it, and reveals their locations to Caustic through the smog.

Is caustic any good?

Caustic really is the weakest Legend in the game right now. Everything he can do someone else can do better. He can provide cover with a cloud, but so can Bangalore. He provides some damage to enemies with a strike, but Bangalore and Gibraltar both provide far more.

Who is better crypto or Mirage?

Mirage vs Crypto. I think crypto is better than mirage. While mirage can use decoys to trick enemies, crypto can use his drone to get a birds eye view of the map and use his EMP blast to slow down other players and get an upper hand on the fight.

Is caustic dead?

Apex Legends Caustic Backstory Before he took on the moniker of Caustic, this character’s real name was Alexander Nox. Working at Humbert Labs, Nox became sadistic, experimenting on live subjects using his test gas. After the lab burned to the ground and Nox was presumed dead, Caustic rose from the ashes.

Can bloodhound see Mirage ULT?

Bloodhound inadvertently became somewhat stronger in the current meta with Mirage’s recent buff. Thanks to the dramatically improved cloak, Mirage becomes completely invisible when he uses his ultimate ability.