20 TV Stars You Thought Were Sweethearts…But Are Actually Jerks

7 Celebrities Who Are Jerks And 7 Who Are The Exact Opposite, According To Fans

20 TV Stars You Thought Were Sweethearts…But Are Actually Jerks
Instagram | @justinbieber

Not only did Justin once spit on his fans (along with other questionable behavior,) but one Reddit user recalls, “He would brutally make fun of people, disrespect adults for no reason and one of my best friends told me that at a hockey game he pissed in some people's cups for no reason.” Let's hope he's grown up since then.

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Known for frequent diva behavior, the Glee star once denied a young Hailee Steinfeld on the Paramount lot where they were both working. “I walked up to her and asked for her autograph, but she walked by and a guy came and said, 'Sorry, now's not a good time!'” I bet she's sorry now!

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Also know for a “diva” personality, the singer earned the reputation from things allegedly demanding to be carried by her security guards, and that whole donut controversy. It's hard to be the “nice girl” when the world watched you lick another person's donut… That's pretty disrespectful to begin with.

Instagram | @arianagrande

James is the first-ever male CoverGirl and a huge Ariana fan. The two messaged on social media, until one day she unfollowed him nowhere. When asked for an explanation, she admitted that some fans pressured her to, so she did, no questions asked. Hmm…

Instagram | @mariahcarey

Redditor Tr3v3336 once worked with Mariah as a PA. “We waited outside until 1:00….3 hours standing around and waiting because she's still sleeping. So we go inside and her assistant comes up to me and another PA and we are told 'Don't look at her. If she comes into the room you're in, leave.'”

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“We make sure not to look at her and wash our hands. As we turn around she is cutting up the two steaks left for us, and feeding them to her f****** dogs. Then she looks at us and says 'You guys can get something on your way home. They were hungry'”

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Reddit user Teen-laqueefa revealed, “I nannied for kids who went to school with Demi Lovato. Apparently she used to be a huge bully, which is quite the opposite of what she preaches now.” Another Redditor added that she is difficult to work with and condescending, with an “I'm better than you” type of attitude. Say it ain't so!


A former employee of Mike claims, “Mike has totally lost his mind. It was most apparent in the making of the Love Guru when he fired actors for looking at him on set. They were warned in advance not to look at him, not to talk to him and not to stand within distance of him.” Not very groovy, baby.

Instagram | @benstiller

Redditor ehzranight changed our opinion of Ben Stiller when they said, “A friend of mine worked on the set of Tropic Thunder, and apparently Ben Stiller was a dick to everyone, he even fired someone because he thought they didn't put enough sugar in his coffee in between scenes.”

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Redditor SR3116 encountered Jack while working at a theatre. “He accidentally spilled his popcorn all over the front row of the theatre. I saw this and went over to clean it up, but he told me to have a seat, took my broom and dustpan and cleaned it up himself.”

| @tomhanks

Tom is such a cool guy that he spontaneously photobombs wedding day pictures. , on more than one occasion. A bride recalls, “The car pulled up, and this guy hops out and runs up to me! He says, ‘Hey, I’m Tom Hanks, and I just wanted to say good luck!’” What a guy!

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User dirkmgirk can vouch that Selena is a total sweetheart (I knew it!) from working on her tour. “When the tour wrapped, she threw the whole staff a party and gave everyone fully loaded iPads, a 100 dollar iTunes gift card, and spent the time to talk to everybody 1-on-1 and thank them for their work.”

| JustKorvac

Ojamurmz is a big fan of Keanu, revealing that he “gave up most of his salary to make the CGI people of the Matrix millionaires, pays for catering on his sets, and took a pay cut so they could afford Al Pacino in that one movie.” We're always hearing amazing things about this guy!

Giphy | Giphy

Reddit user bishoppickering met Marky-Mark on a golf course. “He came over to warm up before his round. He just started shooting the shit with me for a while about the course and the area etc. Really nice guy and he was incredibly easy to talk to. Dude had the most perfect skin too.”


User gardenhero was pleasantly surprised while working with Tom. “He came in, walked past the host of the show and shook hands with every single one of the crew in the room first. Asked us all how we were doing and I actually think he genuinely cared about the answers. After the interview he did the whole thing again in reverse.”

Giphy | Giphy

48Michael met the Harry Potter star at pub in Dublin and has fond memories of the evening. “Really nice dude. I told him I his work and he thanked me then introduced me to his friends. Chatted for a little about life and let him be.” Not bad, Potter!

Source: https://diply.com/which-celebrities-are-jerks-and-opposite

20 TV Stars You Thought Were Sweethearts…But Are Actually Jerks

20 TV Stars You Thought Were Sweethearts…But Are Actually Jerks

We all grew up on TV, whether it be good shows or pretty awful ones that had no quality but still spoke to us and seemed so great at the time.

Regardless, the TV stars we've seen as we've grown and now as adults, have carried us with their talent through good or bad times, and we mostly perceive them as not only talented but kind and sweet people that we see making our favorite stories come to life.

These 20 TV stars we are used to seeing on our screens are actually not the sweethearts we think they are. Find out more about how some of your favorite TV stars ruined their kind reputation with some bad behavior.

20 Katherine Heigl

via Just Jared

Katherine Heigl was called ungrateful several times, especially when she accused her first big break movie, Knocked Up, of being sexist.

The Grey's Anatomy actress also messed it up big time when she refused to put in her bid for a 2008/2009 season nomination, because she felt as though the material of critically acclaimed writer Shonda Rhimes was not up to the standard of her own performance that year.

She attempted to get a career in movies, but that backfired for her when most of them flopped. She has been somewhat quiet in mainstream media ever since.

19 Ryan Seacrest

via Variety

Ryan Seacrest rose to fame hosting American Idol and he has since been a big name in the business. However, he knows this pretty well and that's why it has gotten to his head.

He is known on American Idol for dragging time too much and for pushing already stressed-out contestants to new levels of anxiety and stress.

We don't see many more hosts him stressing contestants as much as Seacrest.

18 K.J. Apa

via Zimbio

If you're an avid Riverdale fan, you must know K. J. Apa, the actor who plays Archie, but did you know that he's actually known for jerk behavior? Keneti James Apa is known for his offensive social media behavior, particularly with unacceptable posts on Snapchat, showing off a sexist, misogynistic and fat-shaming side of him that shows his true nasty colors.

17 Jared Padalecki

via Observatorio do Cinema

Jared Padalecki was the star of hit TV shows Supernatural and Gilmore Girls, and while many thought he was a sweetheart behind cameras, he actually shows his true jerk colors on social media, where he decides it's a good idea to name and shame waiters and waitresses that he feels have given him a bad service, even showing a picture of them on his social media.

16 Katie Cassidy

via TVOvermind

Part of the Arrow cast, Katie Cassidy has been a big part of the show since day one, but she is not the sweetheart you may think she is.

Apparently, going on a shopping spree is more important to her than being with the fans and signing autographs.

Attending conventions with the cast to answer questions about the show and meet fans is an essential part of her job, but she decided to hit the shops instead of attending Comic-Con.

15 William Shatner

via Billboard

It seems as though some of William Shatner's co-stars had quite a beef against him.

 George Takei used the opportunity of being part of a Comedy Central special to let out the rage he had against Shatner during the filming of Star Trek, feelings that were shared by the entire cast.

Apparently, Shatner was extremely difficult to work with and this jerk behavior of his has continued to recent years. He was even named “Captain Jerk” when he decided not to attend Leonard Nimoy's funeral. That's what we call a true jerk.

14 Charlie Sheen

via The New York Times

Remember Charlie Sheen from Two And A Half Men? Remember how he was replaced by Ashton Kutcher? Well, there is a reason for that: he's a true jerk.

In 2009, he was arrested for assaulting his wife, Brooke Mueller, and he followed that a year later by trashing his hotel room in a drunken rage.

Another year later, he discovered he had HIV but he continued to have unprotected sexual encounters without warning his partners, spreading the disease without any responsibility. It was only in 2015 that he admitted to being HIV positive and that he slept with over 200 women after finding out about it.

13 Calista Flockhart

via Daily Mail

Guest star on Supergirl, Calista Flockhart, has a bad reputation due to her attitude after Ally McBeal was picked up by The CW after it was cancelled by CBS. The production was being moved to Canada and she refused to make the move, instead asking to cancel her contract, even though she was the main star. Yikes.

12 Alec Baldwin

via Newsday

Apparently, Alec Baldwin is a total jerk of a father to his daughter. A voicemail was leaked in 2007 with him verbally abusing his then 11-year-old daughter. In it, he says “You are a rude, thoughtless little pig.

You don't have the brains or the decency as a human being.

I don't give a damn that you're 12 years old, or 11 years old, or that you're a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the a** who doesn't care about what you do as far as I'm concerned.” Could he be any more of a jerk?

11 Penn Badgley

via Newsweek

Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley was one of the most important characters of the show, but apparently it wasn't enough for him.

The show that shot him to stardom was also the one he was not shy of calling out to the press for making his character “too one dimensional”, when he was supposed to be promoting it.

In fact, he dissed the show about 6 times, and we haven't really seen him much ever since then. No one wants to hire an actor that will diss the TV show during promotion time.

10 Taylor Momsen

via Nicki Swift

Another star on Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen played the rebel teenage girl on the TV show, but it turns out she was also a nightmare in real life too.

She even ended up being fired by show producers for “erratic behavior” on set, showcasing how much of a rebel child she also was in real life.

She turned out to pursue a music career and she's quite successful, but her jerk behavior proceeds her.

9 Tyra Banks

via Vibe

Obviously, Tyra Banks and her show America’s Next Top Model have been under fire and controversy for years, as expected from a show that makes everything more dramatic and stressful in the lives of amateur models who want to rise to fame and learn more about the industry. Tyra Banks was accused of making the show all about herself and not so much about the models. Even her remarks and conversations with models about their lifestyle and appearance has been frowned upon and have earned her the reputation of being a jerk.

8 Julie Chen

via Variety

Julie Chen has been the host of Big Brother on CBS for quite a few years now and has since gained a bit of a bad reputation for herself. She has even been nicknamed “Chenbot” due to being robotic and unpleasant to work with. She also has no problem calling out contestants for their behavior, which is quite hypocritical given her own behavior.

7 Terrence Howard

via Deadline

Terrence Howard is known for both TV show and movie roles, but apparently all the fame got to his head, because he gained the reputation of being quite obnoxious on set.

When his pay was cut during the filming of an MCU movie, he bailed and blamed his co-star for not helping him.

Even during the filming of some TV shows he was a part of, he was known for having a terrible attitude, especially towards women.

6 Josh Brolin

via Pinterest

Josh Brolin is mostly known for playing Thanos on MCU movies, but he has also been part of TV shows such as The Young Riders, and apparently he's quite a jerk behind cameras, not knowing how to treat women right, which can be quite hard to work with. A few years ago, his wife called the police saying he hit her. She didn't press charges though, but Brolin used to have a drinking problem in the past.

5 Bradley Cooper

via Daily Mail

Bradley Cooper may be on the spotlight for various movies and TV shows, and it's no doubt he's a talented actor, but that doesn't justify his jerk behavior.

He has a reputation of dating co-stars then ending relationships once they are done filming and there isn't a spotlight on them anymore.

When filming The Worlds with Zoe Saldana and dating her, he was also having an affair with another actress, Olivia Wilde. That's jerk behavior if we've ever seen one.

4 Robert Knepper

via The Wrap

The #MeToo movement brought to light some old actors whose behavior was nothing short of inappropriate, and Robert Knepper was one of them. Knepper is a familar face in TV shows such as iZombie, and he was accused of sexual harassment by several women, which he still vehemently denies. Wether it's true or not, that reputation will always proceed him.

3 Isaiah Washington

via New Media Central

Isaiah Washington apparently has a bad reputation of being jerk due to his past jobs in TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy.

He was accused of using a homophobic slur to a fellow co-star, later saying he was not homophobic despite the incident. However, he was quickly fired, and has since then tried to keep a clean act.

We all know there will always be that reputation following him.

2 Manu Bennett

via Stack

Manu Bennett played the role of a good guy with an evil alter but it seems as though his real life personality is turned more towards the evil side. While staying in San Antonio for a fan's convention, he was arrested for erratic and drunken behavior at an after-party that got too hand.

1 Teri Hatcher

via Metro

Teri Hatcher, known for her role in Desperate Housewives, has the reputation of being quite nasty with her co-stars. According to TV Guide's William Keck, something went down between Teri and her castmates, to the point she isolated herself and everyone kept her way.

She had such a bad reputation that when the cast sent the show's creator, Marc Cherry, a thank you gift when the show was over, Teri Hatcher's name was left off entirely.

We might not know exactly what went down but it seems the common denominator of all tension between castmates of the show was Teri Hatcher.

Sources: CBS News, Daily Mail, Screenrant

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Sweethearts Are the Only Perfect Valentine’s Day Candy

20 TV Stars You Thought Were Sweethearts…But Are Actually Jerks

Absolutely ruthless. Photo: NoDerog/Getty Images

For some, 2019 was a year without love. For everyone, it was a year without Sweethearts, the chalky little hearts printed with the pleas of would-be lovers. (“LOVE YOU,” “ADORE ME,” “LOL.”) I don’t think anyone really missed them, if anyone even noticed they were gone in the first place.

 For one thing: These are grim times, and there are bigger problems to worry about. For another thing: There are other versions of what is essentially the same candy. For yet another: They taste bad. But I will confess that I missed Sweethearts and their devastatingly meaningless messages.

Sweethearts are the best Valentine’s Day candy because they are impossible to love. You eat them when there is no better chocolate available. You treat them with the same taken-for-granted abandon you apply to faces on a dating app. You do not need to care about them, because there will always be more, even if you don’t really want them. (And you probably don’t.)

Since 1901, the New England Confectionery Company — Necco — purveyed a number of questionable but very American drugstore classics: the Necco Wafers of wartime, the taffy-centered Clark Bars of any time. And, of course, Sweethearts, the definitive capitalist icon of Valentine’s Day.

Regardless of whether you have known love, you have known the nostalgia of Sweethearts, boxes upon boxes of pastel, talcum wafers, dried from a dough of corn syrup and sugar and thickening agents, cut into hearts and stamped with candied-ink love notes. At the original Massachusetts factory, Necco produced Sweethearts by the meticulous billions.

Any dough that got misprinted was refired through machinery until only perfect pastel hearts emerged.

But two years ago, Necco closed for good. Ohio’s Spangler Candy acquired the Necco name and all of its dubious nostalgia.

Sweethearts were MIA for Valentine’s Day 2019, and because of the tight time frame to get Sweethearts on shelves this Valentine’s Day, as well as the technical difficulties of moving Necco’s factory equipment to Spangler — indeed, the printer that stamped on sayings was accidentally damaged during production — the Sweethearts that have been resurrected in 2020 are rawer, messier, and better than their previous, more manicured form.

Open a pack of Sweethearts now, and the notes are as uneven as the ways in which we love. Some are effusive, blotted with red ink; some are printed tidily, with full sayings; some misprinted hearts contain only partial thoughts. Others are reticent and contain no note at all. I truly love the inconsistencies, and I hope they never get fixed.

In elementary school, I hated Valentine’s Day. I can still feel the anxiety of handing out cards to classmates. I was exceedingly shy, and also somewhat unfriendly. I saw the sweet things written on drugstore cards as a loss of agency — statements of all kinds of intimacies that I didn’t mean.

I spent inordinate amounts of time fretting over which classmate deserved what card: Were the recipient and I as close as SpongeBob and Patrick inside the confines of a cardboard box (Box Buddies!)? Or were we Space Buddies, isolated against a backdrop of stars, our skinny arms reaching out to each other without ever really touching? (These were reserved for recipients I didn’t .)

Sweethearts absolved me from these anxieties. At some point, while trailing behind my mother inside the pinkish fluorescence of a drugstore, I had the impulse to load the cart full of Sweethearts. I filled out all the TO and FROM blanks on the back of the box in red Sharpie.

The next day in class, I handed out the candy instead of cards. I don’t know how much anyone d receiving them, though I certainly d giving them. They were gloriously generic, neatly uniform, and absolutely impersonal.

They required no vulnerability from me than my name along the back of the box.

It’s true that what was printed on the hearts was strangely intimate — I saw classmates eating KISS ME and BE MINE hearts by the handful — but there are so many saccharine, red-printed sayings to a box that everyone knows you don’t mean any of them, let alone all of them. How could anybody love so casually, and so much?

Now, I might be tempted to compare myself to the actual candies — a little damaged, a little defunct, ink-blotted, and striving to be something that means more.

But when I eat one, when I crack the chalky heart between my teeth and let the note melt away, I know what I knew as a grade-school girl: Any affection proffered by these hearts is beside the point.

No matter what’s written on them, or how poor the printing quality is, the message that a box of Sweethearts sends will never be misunderstood: “This,” they say, “means absolutely nothing.”

Sweethearts Are the Only Perfect Valentine’s Day Candy

Source: https://www.grubstreet.com/2020/02/sweethearts-are-perfect.html

15 A-Listers Who Are Total Jerks (And 2 Who Are Low-Key Sweethearts)

20 TV Stars You Thought Were Sweethearts…But Are Actually Jerks

As you may know, an “A-lister” refers to a celebrity who is at the top of the food chain. When it comes to movies, television show, brand campaigns, fashion shows and more, A-listers are often approached first. Even better, these celebrities also tend to command a lot more money. For instance, A-list actors can command a $20-million paycheck for a single movie, even more.

In Hollywood, A-listers can typically be classified into two types: jerks and sweethearts. Having experienced incredible success, some A-listers to stay modest and humble.

These are the ones who remain nice and professional to their co-workers and fans. On the other hand, there are also a lot of A-listers who prefer to be rude to everyone.

Here are some we found, along with two A-listers who are low-key sweethearts.

17 A-List Jerk: Tobey Maguire

via esquire.com

It seems Tobey Maguire prefers to be called Tugboat Maguire. And so, it seems a fan upset him badly when she didn’t refer to him in this manner. According to a report from Clickhole, Maguire screamed at the fan saying, “I’m small but strong, just a tugboat, so call me fucking ‘Tugboat Maguire.’ How hard can that possibly be?”

16 A-List Jerk: Christian Bale

via thedailybeast.com

As some fans have come to find out, “Batman” actor Christian Bale doesn’t really care for fans.

According to Huffington Post, the star’s former publicist, Harrison Cheung, exposed Bale’s behavior with fans in a book, saying he would “lecture little girls about being rude and intrusive until tears streamed down their faces, and their parents tugged them away from our table.” Moreover, he also wanted a fan “eliminated” using “a screwdriver thrust thru the eyeball into the brain.”

15 A-List Jerk: Cuba Gooding Jr

via tmz.com

Academy award-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was often seen as someone who could do no wrong. However, recent events have proven this is not the case. In fact, just a few months ago, he was accused of groping a woman. He has since been charged with one misdemeanor count of forcible touching. According to Reuters, his trial is set for October 10.

14 A-List Jerk: Russell Crowe

via dailymail.co.uk

Over the years, there had been reports of Russell Crowe getting into a brawl. And back in 2015, when the actor guested on the “Late Late Show,” Crowe apparently shouted at the audience for not clapping to him at the right time. According to a report from Independent.ie, he yelled, “If you’re going to clap, clap in time. If you can’t clap in time, just shut up.”

13 A-List Jerk: Sean Penn

via zimbio.com

According to a report from Daily Mail, actor Sean Penn lost his temper after a fan attempted to take a photo of him while he was at the St. Regis hotel in San Francisco.

One witness told TMZ that Penn “lunged” at the man. He also took the man’s phone and threw it at the floor. In addition, Penn was also heard saying, “I'll make you eat the phone… Get the f**k here.

Get here!”

12 A-List Jerk: Ariana Grande

via .com, Celebrity Obsession channel

By all accounts, it seems that pop star Ariana Grande exhibits diva behavior. For starters, who could forget that she licked donuts at a bakery and yelled, “I hate America.

” Meanwhile, Grande was also quick to diss her former co-stars in “Sam & Cat” and “Victorious.

” In addition, reports have also surfaced that Grande sometimes demands that fans delete photos taken with her, something that blogger Dan O'Connor witnessed with his daughters in 2014.

11 A-List Jerk: James Franco

via vanity fair

According to a post on Thought Catalog, the encounter happened at a place where Franco allegedly hooked up with freshman girls.

The post claimed, “He went up to one of the girls in the group and, without even saying hello, asked how old she was and if she wanted to meet up with him away from the group.

When she said she had a boyfriend, he simply said, 'Well I guess this conversation is over' and walked away.”

10 A-List Jerk: Bruce Willis

via radaronline.com

Back in 2009, Willis had terrified a fan who was backstage at a New York fashion event. According to a report from Radar Online, the actor was clearly pissed when a fan got too close.

The report alleged, “He was visibly angry, leaned in very close to her and put his finger right in her face.

He then said, ‘Don’t you EVER touch me, understand?’ The (former) fan appeared shocked and frightened”

9 A-List Jerk: Lea Michele

via celebzz.com

Apparently, the “Glee” star had snubbed celebrity fan Hailee Steinfeld at one point.

During an interview with J-14, Steinfeld recalled, “I saw Lea Michele just walking to her trailer and I was , “That's the girl from Glee.

I've got to go ask for her autograph' So I walked up to her and asked for her autograph, but she walked by and a guy came and said, 'Sorry, now's not a good time'!”

8 A-List Jerk: Sandra Bullock

via zimbio.com

According to reports, the incident occurred while Sandra Bullock was filming “The Heat” in Boston.

During a filming break, Bullock had run into Denise Kodes and her veteran husband who was on a wheelchair. When her husband asked for an autograph, Kodes told Star Magazine, “Sandra was so rude.

She covered her face and yelled. He just wanted an autograph, and she actually yelled at him!”

7 A-List Jerk: Catherine Zeta-Jones

via celebzz.com

According to a story posted on Reddit, a fan once approached Catherine Zeta-Jones and asked for an autograph for her little sister. Jones responded by yelling at her and calling her a “liar” before refusing to give her an autograph. Apparently, the woman was accused of simply wanting the autograph for herself.

6 A-List Jerk: Rihanna

via fashionpivot.com

According to an account by user Abra-Used-Teleport on Mean Stars, “My coworker won free tickets and backstage passes to see Rihanna about a year after they were first playing “Umbrella” on the radio.

When her kids finally got the chance to go meet Rihanna, she was sitting at her makeup booth and refused to face them, or even look at them.

When they asked for her autograph, she told the closest backup dancer to forge it for them and shoo'd them away.”

5 A-List Jerk: Robert Pattinson

via letterstorob.wordpress.com

It seems the ‘Twilight’ star has some not-so-nice things to say about the fans of the successful franchise.

In fact, Robert Pattinson once remarked to Interview magazine, “Twilight has its own fan culture that existed from day one. And in an intense way that didn't exist before. Sometimes I ask myself what these masses of people do the whole day.

They sit in front of their computers and comment on anything having even remotely to do with Twilight.”

4 A-List Jerk: Kate Winslet

via usmagazine.com

The encounter reportedly occurred during a movie promotion back in 2012. Apparently, many fans waited in the rain to see the “Titanic” actress. However, when Kate Winslet arrived, she reportedly didn’t want anything to do with them. Local resident Shanna Swan even told OK!, “She gave dirty looks to people in my town who waited hours to see her.”

3 A-List Jerk: Laurence Fishburne

via tvguide.com

A story on Mean Stars talked about a time when some high school students got the chance to meet Laurence Fishburne in person. According to the post, “We met all of the lead actors except for Laurence Fishburne, and the assistant went to find him.

She discovered that he was in a trailer nearby, so she brought us over to the trailer and knocked on the door,” the fan says. When the assistant told Fishburne there were some high school students who'd to meet him, his reply was, “Tell 'em to go f**k themselves.


2 A-List Sweetheart: Jennifer Garner

via celebvegas.com

As her fans would know, actress Jennifer Garner is an amazing and down-to-earth actress who s to entertain people with a ‘fake’ cooking show on Instagram.

Garner also got everyone emotion in June when she posted a pivotal scene from her movie “Love, Simon.” It was one where a teenage son decided to come out to his parents on Christmas morning.

In the caption, she wrote, “Everyone coming out deserves to exhale. To be more you. Because you deserve everything you want.”

1 A-List Sweetheart: George Clooney

via pinterest.com

Perhaps, it’s safe to say that everyone who has worked or met George Clooney has fallen in love with him. The veteran actor, after all, is a total sweetheart.

In fact, Patrick Lael, who worked as extra on “Leatherheads,” wrote on Mean Stars, “While working as an extra on Leatherheads, I got to be around George for five days. He was always courteous, smiling and professional.

He even bought all of a kid's lemonade just off the set with a $100 bill.”

Reference: Clickhole, Huffington Post, Independent.ie, Daily Mail, Thought Catalog, OK!, Reuters, Mean Stars

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