Every Bachelor Ranked From Most Dateable To Least

Bachelors of Seaons Past Ranked, From Least to Most Dramatic (Photos)

Every Bachelor Ranked From Most Dateable To Least


As we steep ourselves in the drama of Peter Weber's season, let us take a walk down memory lane with the Bachelors of years past. From Arie Luyendyk, Jr. to Jake Pavelka to Colton Underwood, here is TheWrap's ranking of every single Bachelor from least to most dramatic. And don't forget to tune in to ABC on Mondays at 8/9c to see how Pilot Pete's season plays out.

23. Sean Lowe Given that Sean is the only Bachelor whose proposal turned into marriage — one that's still going strong — we have to give him the title of Least Dramatic. 

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22. Bob Guiney Guiney was a contestant on the first-ever season of “The Bachelorette,” hitting off the tradition of contestants becoming the next Bachelor or Bachelorette. He didn’t propose to his finalist, Estella Gardinier, but did give her a promise ring. They broke up after the show aired.

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21. Andrew Firestone Andrew Firestone — yes, the tire company — was the third Bachelor in the franchise. He ended his season with a proposal to Jen Schefft, but they ended the relationship after a few months. He's pictured here with his wife Ivana Bozilovic.

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20. Aaron Buerge Buerge was the second-ever Bachelor, but his season was less than noteworthy… all we really remember about him is that he was a banker. He gave his final rose to Helene Eksterowicz, but they ended up breaking up after the show. He’s now married with two daughters and a stepdaughter.

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19. Lorenzo Borghes Borghes’ season was injected with a little extra glitz, him being a prince and all. Borghes didn’t propose to his winner, Jennifer Wilson, and the couple broke up about a month after the show. He then briefly dated his runner-up, Sadie Murray, but they didn’t last either.

18. Andrew Baldwin Season 10’s Andy proposed to Tessa Horst in the finale, but they called off the engagement after the show. The couple continued to date for about six months before breaking up.

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17. Byron Velvick This deep sea fisherman proposed to Mary Delgado in the finale of Season 6, and the couple had a five-year relationship before splitting. Delgado was arrested for assaulting her new fiancé in 2007, according to People.

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16. Travis Lane Stork Season 8 Bachelor Stork didn’t propose to his winner, Sarah Stone. The couple dated for a bit after the show, but eventually broke up. He’s now the host of the talk show “The Doctors.”

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15. Alex Michel Michel was the very first Bachelor, and started out the franchise without even popping the question to Amanda Marsh, who won his final rose. They dated for a few months before splitting up.


14. Chris Soules Our small-town farm boy hero Chris Soules didn't have a very dramatic season, all things considered, but he's been rocked by scandal after his time on TV.

In April 2017, Soules rear-ended a man on a tractor who later died. He was charged with leaving the scene of a fatal car crash, according to the Des Moines Register.

The outlet reported in March that Soules was “appealing the Iowa Supreme Court's recent decision not to consider the merits of the charge against him.”

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13. Jesse Palmer Back in Season 5, the early, early days of the long-standing franchise, Jesse's season was billed as the “most dramatic ever!” Even though by now much more dramatic events have happened on “The Bachelor,” Jesse did at one point call out the wrong woman's name at the Rose Ceremony and had his best friend's wife posing as a contestant.

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12. Charlie O'Connell Charlie's season finale was interesting in that he chose contestant Sarah Brice, but didn't propose to her. The couple dated for two years, broke up, got back together, and then broke up again in 2010. Charlie married Playboy Playmate Anna Sophia Berglund in 2018.

Craig Sjodin/ABC

11. Matt Grant The most memorable thing about Season 12's bachelor is that he's British. Sadly, the aftermath of his season was met with tragedy.

Contestant Erin Storm died in a plane crash in 2016. Matt told ET that he was “massively shocked” to learn of her death, and that “We were lucky to have Erin on season 12.

She was genuine, self-assured, beautiful and hilarious.”


10. Ben Higgins Ben's season itself was pretty tame — minus the usual tears — up until the near end, when he told both finalists JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell that he was in love with them.

He ultimately chose Lauren, and the couple had a spin-off show on Freeform titled “Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?” while JoJo went on to be the next Bachelorette.

Ben and Lauren didn't last, though, and broke up in the spring of 2017.


9. Peter Weber We haven't even seen the ending of his season yet, but so far, this man attracts drama wherever he goes.

Maybe it's because he stirs the pot by literally asking the women in the house to talk trash about each other. Maybe it's because he's afraid of warnings that some girls aren't there for “the right reasons.

” Maybe he just doesn't know what he wants… or maybe, just maybe, he's still in love with Hannah Brown. Just a theory! 


8. Colton Underwood Even before the famous fence-jump, Colton's season turned up the drama when Katie informed our Bachelor that there were people in the house who might not be there for the right reasons. Suddenly, that concept became his “greatest fear.

” But things got crazy after Cassie, his true love of that season, sent herself home because her dad didn't want her to marry him. The man dramatically ripped off his mic, jumped that damn fence, and successfully evaded producers for a couple of hours before returning to the show with one goal in his heart — win back Cassie.

Well, he did, and they're still together — although they aren't married.


7. Jake Pavelka  Jake's season was actually full of dramatic moments.

Contestant Rozlyn Papa was kicked off the show for having  “physical relationship” with one of the producers, Ali Fedotowsky left early to return to work, and for the first time in franchise history, both women on the two-on-one date were sent home. Jake and his final rose recipient Vienna Girardi broke up a few months after the season concluded.


6. Ben Flajnik Ben started on Bachelorette Ashley Hebert's season, where he was the runner up to JP Rosenbaum.

His consolation was being the next Bachelor, where he chose Courtney Robertson as his fiancée. Courtney was a polarizing figure on the season, and it's safe to say that the other contestants didn't her much.

They broke up after the season, and she ended up writing a tell-all book about her experience.


5. Juan Pablo Galavis Juan Pablo is the Bachelor that everyone loved to hate — he's even been declared the worst bachelor in history. His unsavory reputation is warranted: He made headlines for saying there should never be a gay bachelor and used the word “pervert” in his reasoning.

He slut-shamed one of his own finalists, and ABC had to release a statement apologizing for his “careless, thoughtless and insensitive” comments, later removing him from the cast of “Dancing With the Stars.” He ended up choosing Nikki Ferrell — kind of. He didn't propose to her, but gave her the final rose.

At the After the Final Rose Ceremony, he refused to say he loved her, even after Chris Harrison's prodding.


4. Brad Womack Brad has gone down in Bachelor history because he ended his first season (yes — he was the Bachelor twice) without proposing to anyone.

The move caused a groundswell of backlash, but we have to hand it to Brad for not playing along with the show's finale just for the sake of proposing. Brad was the Bachelor for the second time in 2011, when he gave Emily Maynard his final rose.

The couple ended up breaking it off after the show ended, however, and Emily became a Bachelorette.


3. Nick Viall  Ohhhh Nick. The Wisconsin native began his Bachelor franchise career on Season 21, where he won the first impression rose from lawyer Andi Dorfman. He made it to the final round, but was the runner-up to baseball player Josh Murray.

Nick was then so infatuated with Kaitlyn Bristowe that he wedged his way into her season, again making it to the final rose but coming up short to personal trainer Shawn Booth. He also had a stint on “Bachelor in Paradise” before becoming the Bachelor in 2016.

That's a mouthful just to get to his season.


2. Jason Mesnick  It turns out that Arie's change of mind wasn't unprecedented. Jason Mesnick, Bachelor No. 13, pulled a similar switcheroo — and he's still married with his second choice.

This real estate agent from Kirkland, WA, initially proposed to Melissa Rycroft, but later told Chris Harrison that things just weren't the same after the show wrapped, and that he was still in love with Molly Malaney. He broke up with Melissa on national television.

“You are such a bastard,” she told him. “I wish more than anything on that last day you would have just let me go.” Ouch.


1. Arie Luyendyk, Jr. The finale to his season of “The Bachelor” was billed as the most dramatic in franchise history, and ABC was right. Arie initially picked Becca Kufrin, and proposed to her, saying he would pick her from every day going forward.

Fast forward several weeks (after sliding into a handful of former contestants' DMs), and he's breaking up with her to see if he can make things work with runner-up Lauren Burnham in the most awful hour of TV ever. During the After the Final Rose Ceremony, Arie proposed to Lauren… in front of Becca, which was beyond awkward.

Becca's consolation prize: She'll be the next Bachelorette.

Source: https://www.thewrap.com/the-bachelor-ranked-abc-dramatic-arie-luyendyk-peter-weber/

Best (and Worst) Cities to Meet Men

Every Bachelor Ranked From Most Dateable To Least

We’ve come a long way from Where The Boys Are, the 1960 flick about four college girls who hit the road in search of eligible men. Today, such crucial relocation choices can’t be left up to chance. So The Daily Beast set out to quantify the best American cities for where to meet a great guy—one who’s smart, fit, fun, and most importantly, single.

Our methodology was straightforward. First, we measured cities with 500,000 or more residents. Suburbs, which have a far higher percentage of married people, weren’t included in the sample.

Click Below to View Our Gallery of the Best and Worst Cities to Meet Men

Second, we focused primarily on which places had the highest numbers of eligible men, percentage-wise. (In terms of meeting someone in any given place, it’s the ratio that matters.

) We initially defined eligible as single (sorry, philanderers) and 18-to-49 years old. Data came from the U.S. Census.

That critical number—the biggest pool of youngish, single men—encompassed 60% of the weighting.

Third, to further burnish the idea of “eligible” as a good catch, we gave credit to cities with the highest percentage of single men with four-year college degrees. While individual charm and success vary, as a whole, this rewards men with brains and future earnings power (since a college degree typically adds $1 million to a person’s lifetime salary). We weighted this 20%.

Fourth, it doesn’t do any good to have eligible men around if there’s no way to meet them.

So we rewarded cities with the most gyms per capita, which serves as a proxy for recreational opportunities (and also helps on the eligibility front, assuming fitness is a virtue). That’s 10%.

And finally, nightlife—specifically, bars, restaurants, clubs, and theaters per capita, as measured by Citysearch—were weighted 10%.

That’s how we’re playing the game. With that, here’s where the boys are: America’s 36 biggest cities, ranked from first to worst.

1. AtlantaWhether it's the southern hospitality or the sub-tropical breezes, something about Atlanta is attracting all the right men.

2. BostonWith over 50 institutions of higher learning in the Boston area, the city has always been an ideal destination for the young and upwardly mobile.

3. SeattleMicrosoft, Boeing, and other tech companies that have sprung up around Seattle draw thousands of smart, educated guys from all over the world.

4. San FranciscoWith those smarty-pants from Google and buzzing around on their scooters, intelligent guys with great careers are plentiful in San Francisco.

5. Minneapolis-St. Paul The Land of 10,000 Lakes might safely be renamed the Land of 10,000 Dates.

6. Washington, DCA city that's all about networking unwinds at some of the best happy hours in the country, and un its hipper neighbor New York, people actually have time for a social life.

7. AustinAn exuberant nightlife, year-round festivals, and thousands of U.T. undergrads make the state capital a haven for art and tech lovers a.

8. MiamiWhat it lacks in educated men (it ranked 24th in number of bachelors degrees) Miami makes up for in gyms and social life, coming in at #2 and #1, respectively.

9. San Diego Miami's beach bunnies, San Diegans tend to have great tans, great hair, great bodies, and because of the city's high cost of living, lucrative jobs.

10. DenverA growing arts district, top-notch microbreweries, and the nearby Rocky Mountains make the city scenic, fun, and appealing to outdoorsy singles.

11. Portland, ORAn emphasis on free-thinking makes it a place where even aging hippies can find love.

12. Columbus, OHThe scene is dominated by Ohio State, and available Buckeyes are out every night at the bars on Park Street.

13. ChicagoWhat pulled the Windy City down to number 13? An apparent dearth of gyms.

14. Los AngelesIt may be the glitz and sunshine, not the higher learning, that's attracting transplants to the city of angels. Intellectual types might fare better heading north or east.

15. BaltimoreAt its heart, “Bawlamer” is still a working-class enclave, where hardy men have lingered to work in manufacturing and shipping.

16. MilwaukeeForbes ranked America's brewery capital among its top cities for singles this year, with high marks in job growth and “coolness.”

17. TucsonThough there are plenty of single men here, this perennially sunny city may not be the hottest spot to find a date.

18. HoustonThis city is particularly hurt by a lack of single men compared to its competitors.

19. NashvilleThe country music industry attracts songsters to the city's Music Row, and local bars are loaded with crooning cowboys slinging their guitars, hoping to make it big.

20. Tampa-St. PetersburgThe area's proximity to beaches ensures a vital nightlife and men who stay in shape.

21. Dallas-Fort WorthIf you're looking for sophisticated urbanites, head for Dallas. If pickups and Wranglers are more your style, poke around Fort Worth.

22. DetroitUnemployment doesn't bode well for a city's dating scene, and the U.S. headquarters of the auto industry has had a grim run.

23. New York CitySex and the City tricked a nation of women into believing that New York was the ultimate destination for single women looking for love.

24. PhoenixThis nondescript desert metropolis doesn't offer much in the way of meet and greets; it scored low for social life.

25. PhiladelphiaA major-league city, to be sure, but we're sorry to say that Philadelphia resides in the bush leagues when it comes to men.

26. CharlotteAfter New York City, Charlotte is the country's banking capital, making it the home to a number of young yuppies in training.

27. San JoseCompared to its more cosmopolitan sister city to the north, San Francisco, the geekier San Jose has a hard time hosting singles who want to mingle.

28. IndianapolisThe Indianapolis 500 might as well refer to the number of eligible men left in this city.

29. MemphisYou're more ly to find a good BBQ joint here than a guy with washboard abs.

30. Las VegasAll those wedding chapels must be for out-of-towners — for singles unfortunate enough to live in Sin City, good luck getting hitched.

31. AlbuquerqueThis sleepy southwestern town has Native American folklore and petroglyphs, but slim pickings for social life.

32. Oklahoma CityThe Oklahoma Christian University lists Krispy Kreme as one of 76 places to take your date in Oklahoma City. Another suggestion: Sam's Club, for the free samples.

33. LouisvilleSituated in the heart of the Bible Belt, most of the men here are already taken.

34. San AntonioSo unless there's a convention in town (and there usually is) the options in this city can be few and far between.

35. Jacksonville, FLThis is the city that never seems to end, sprawling for nearly 900 square miles. Despite all that space, Jacksonville has hardly any single guys.

36. El Paso, TXEl Paso came in dead last in three of our four categories (single guys, social life, and gyms) and nearly last in education.

Source: https://www.thedailybeast.com/best-and-worst-cities-to-meet-men

Every Bachelor Ranked From Most Dateable To Least

Every Bachelor Ranked From Most Dateable To Least

The Bachelor premiered in 2002, featuring 25 women competing for the heart of one man, and it certainly had its critics. Perhaps not without reason? It is kinda weird that millions of people tune in to a show where a bunch of women fight over one guy— humiliating and degrading themselves just for some cheesy “dream date” and 15 minutes of fame.

The Bachelor’s ratings have dropped slightly over the years, but it’s expanded to include spin-offs The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and Bachelor Winter Games.

The show has also faced criticism for how it depicts and treats women, not to mention its glaring lack of diversity among contestants. But today we don't care about any of that.

Just women have been judged on the show, we will now judge the bachelors – ranking them from the most dateable to the least!

22  Sean Lowe, Season 17

Via People

Sean is a model human being and seemed a guy genuinely looking for love while genuinely invested in the show. We love this guy – what's there not to love? He holds the record for being the only bachelor whose proposal turned into a marriage. He and Catherine Giudici are happily married with two kids. Ain't love grand?

21 Ben Higgins, Season 20

Via Brit+Co

The Season 20 heartthrob ranks at number 2. He was fun to watch and the contestants on his season were extremely entertaining. He was a pretty decent guy until the near end when he told both finalists, JoJo Fletcher, and Lauren Bushnell, that he was in love with them both… how very confusing.

20 Nick Viall, Season 21

Via Pop Sugar

Nick is no stranger to the bachelor world, having appeared on 3 ''bachelor'' shows. One would expect that he'd be an expert in matters of the heart. It was expected that he would choose Vanessa Grimaldi, an obvious favorite of his from day one. He is a gentleman and easy on the eyes too.

19 Andrew Firestone, Season 3

Via Cheat Sheet

Handsome, wealthy, and a real gentleman – he was the ideal bachelor, fan approved. Firestone proposed to Jen Schefft at the end of his season, however they called it quits only seven months after the proposal. He was fun to watch and we have got to point out that his season was among the best ever.

18 Jason Mesnick, Season 13

via usweekly.com

Former Bachelorette fan-favorite Jason Mesnick, picked Melissa Rycroft, only to realize he was actually in love with Molly Malaney, which he revealed at the After the Rose special. The betrayal hit hard and had fans thinking the single dad had everyone fooled. He and Malaney eventually married and went on to have two children.

17 Andy Baldwin, Season 10

Via – Challenge Family Americas

Andy was an actual US Naval Officer, hence his season being dubbed,”An Officer and a Gentleman.

” He was a true gentleman that treated the contestants with respect and actually seemed he was really there to find a partner.

Andy proposed to Tessa Horst in the finale, but they called off the engagement after the show. The couple continued to date for about six months before breaking up.

16 Chris Soules, Season 19

Via ET Canada

Aahh Chris, where do we begin? His time on The Bachelor is nothing but a blurred memory and has been overshadowed by his legal troubles. He made the headlines when he was arrested after he rear-ended Mosher’s tractor. Soules called 911, performed CPR on Mosher, and waited for first responders, but he left the scene before officers arrived. Not cool, dude…

15 Lorenzo Borghese, Season 9

Via Celebrity Net Worth

His Season had all the glitz and glamour you'd expect from an Italian Prince – he technically doesn't have a title, though, his father's the real prince. His season was filmed in Rome, Italy— there were dates to the opera, pool parties in actual castles, spa dates in ancient baths… but it still wasn't enough to make him that memorable.

14 Brad Womack, Seasons 11 And 15

Via BenQ

For someone widely despised by The Bachelor nation, it was a shock to see him return as the Bachelor again! We loved the stunt he pulled in Season 11 – he didn't choose a winner which was very unexpected and mature of him. You can't force a connection where there isn't one.

13 Byron Velvick, Season 6

Via Us Magazine

Poor Byron's only crime is being forgettable. There wasn't anything memorable about him really. He proposed to Maria Delgado in the season six finale, and the two were together for a few years before calling it quits. It was a case of a romance gone bad – Delgado was charged with battery for punching Velvick in the mouth.

12 Bob Guiney, Season 4

Via -Wochit Entertainment

The thing most people would remember about Bob was how funny he was on the show. It was shocking when he gave his finalist Estella Gardinier a promise ring instead of proposing to her. It's no wonder they broke up after the show aired. We love clowns, though, hence Bob ranking a little higher on the list.

11 Aaron Buerge, Season 2

Via Popsugar

This charming banker was really nice and his season didn't have any controversies – but that could be the problem; he was not memorable. He chose Helene Eksterowicz and proposed to her, but they called off their engagement only a few weeks after the show aired. He was so boring, it's a miracle the show got a third season.

10 Matt Grant, Season 12

Via Pinterest

We sure hope we aren't the only ones that think British accents a swoon-worthy – that's all this bachelor brought to the season. Matt was the first lead from outside of North America and fans were hoping for something different… from what other bachelors offered. That wasn't the case, and the only thing we remember is his accent.

9 Travis Lane Stork, Season 8

Via Worldation

The good doctor appeared on season 8 of The Bachelor. Unfortunately, there isn't much discourse about his Season and that's owed to the fact that he was fairly boring. Sure, he is good to look at, but we think he's better off on his show The Doctors or better still – the ER. We love you Travis, but…

8 Charlie O'Connell, Season 7


Actor and Jerry O'Connell's younger brother Charlie, AKA the less famous of the duo, was the “party the world is nearing its end” bachelor. On his first group date of the season, he actually did body shots off a couple of contestants. Charlie's far from classy, but he is a fun guy.

7 Ben Flajnik, Season 16

Via Bustle

This babyfaced winemaker made the mistake of picking the season's villain, Courtney Robertson, who was rude to other contestants and seemed visibly unstable.

What infuriated the Bachelor nation was Flajnik's indifference to Robertson's rude behavior towards other contestants, and deciding to only focus on her charms. He did redeem himself though.

The couple broke up while the season was still airing due to Robertson's villainy

6 Alex Michel, Season 1

Via Bustle

He was the first bachelor! That's probably why many do not remember this gentleman, or it could be that he doesn't really fit the bachelor aesthetic. He is also said to have been bland and didn't have much of a personality. We bet him not proposing to winner, Amanda Marsh, caused quite a stir.

5 Jesse Palmer, Season 5

Via Pinterest

His season was fun to watch, and not just because he was nice to look at – well, maybe that, but who can forget how he called out the wrong woman's name at the Rose Ceremony? That was truly cringeworthy and made for spectacular viewing. That's not all.. he made one of his married friends go undercover as a contestant in order to gain intel about the ladies.

4 Colton Underwood, Season 23

Via USA Today

When you think Colton Underwood, the famous “fence jump” comes to mind.

After getting his heart broken by frontrunner Cassie when she decided to leave him, Underwood ripped off his mic, jumped a fence, and disappeared into the night.

Who wants a partner that throws tantrums when things don't go their way? You guessed it – nobody. Impressive parkour skills there, buddy.

3 Jake Pavelka, Season 14

Via Pop Sugar

You'd wonder why the hunky pilot was ranked low on the list… wonder no more, we have got you covered.

Fans were disappointed when he picked the season's villain, Vienna Girardi, as the winner.

It only got worse when the couple broke up not long after the show wrapped and verbally duked it out in a televised interview. We saw a side to him that was well hidden on the show.

2 Arie Luyendyk, Jr., Season 22

via In Touch Weekly

The first thing that irked fans about the race car driver was how boring he was. That said, things quickly escalated when unedited footage showed Luyendyk dumping his distraught winner and fiancée, future-Bachelorette Becca Kufrin, so he could reunite with runner-up Lauren Burnham. It was later claimed that Arie was sliding into a couple of contestants DMs… yikes.

1 Juan Pablo Galavis, Season 18

via Pinterest.com

Initially, many were excited about Juan Pablo being the first Latino Bachelor – it's very understandable because there isn't a lot of diversity when it comes to the lineup of bachelors. However. he quickly became the Bachelor that everyone loved to hate. He's even been declared the worst bachelor in history— a title well deserved.

Sources: Globalnews.ca, TheWrap.com, TheRinger.com, Insider.com

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