Friends: Ranking The 20 Hottest Women Joey Tribbiani Ever Dated

15 Hottest Girlfriends Of Joey Tribbiani On Friends

Friends: Ranking The 20 Hottest Women Joey Tribbiani Ever Dated

Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) is the resident ladies man in the group on Friends. He's handsome, he's confident and he has a way with words, or at least a way with the words, “How you doin'?” He is also not really one for long-term relationships. Because of this, we see him with many different women over the course of the 10 seasons of the show.

Some relationships only last for a few episodes, some for only one, and some for just a few minutes. But a guy Joey doesn't settle for average women. He gets to pick from the cream of the crop. He's been with some of the most beautiful women to appear on the show.

Most of the women that Joey dates have something about them that bothers him, something that makes him unable to commit to them.

What we've done here is rank these women that Joey's dated. We're sure that they all have just amazing personalities. We also know that beauty can be found on the inside, too. The problem is, Joey doesn't know that or, at least, he doesn't seem to care about that.

If he were to rank these women, he would do it looks. So, we're going to do that as well. Take it up with him if your feelings get hurt. But, we're going to warn you. Joey's not real. He's a TV character. You might not get a response.

Here are the 15 Hottest Girlfriends of Joey Tribbiani on Friends.

15 Haley

Haley is in “The One with The Sharks” and is played by Susan Ward. Joey sees her and is instantly attracted to her. Who wouldn’t be? He asks her out and the two have a good time. When they go to her apartment, however, Joey realizes that he's been there.

This leads him to conclude that he has dated Haley before, that he has slept with her before as well, which also means that Haley forgot that she had been with him. Knowing Joey, he doesn't being forgotten, especially when it has to do with sex.

It's when Joey's confronting Haley about this that her roommate walks in and he realizes that it was the roommate he has been with, and not Haley; an understandable mistake that anyone could have made.

14 Sarah

Annie Parisse plays Sarah, Phoebe's friend who goes on a couple of dates with Phoebe. Sarah breaks one of the golden rules of Joey. You never ever touch the man's food, especially when it comes to taking food directly off his plate. Well, Sarah does it once, so Joey breaks up with her.

Phoebe demands that he give her another go, so he does, this time ordering a plate of fries to share between the two of them. This strategy doesn't work though. Sarah wants some of his main dish, which causes Joey to freak out. The tables get turned a bit later on when Joey wants some of her food.

Let's be real, this was never going to work out.

13 Laura

Laura is the hot social worker, played by Maria Pitillo, who is assigned to judge how suitable Chandler and Monica will be as adoptive parents. Things get off the rails when she sees Joey, who she had a one-night stand with in the past.

Before she can get mad at Joey, however, he flips it on her and accuses her of never calling him. He tells her how he waited for her call and how bad she hurt him. When she apologizes, he rejects her, saying she broke his heart.

As he storms out, she tries to get him to wait, but he tells her that he waited long enough. Embarrassed and a bit ashamed, Laura gives Chandler and Monica a solid report and leaves.

This will go down as one of Joey's most brilliant moves on the show, turning a bad situation into an extremely favorable one for everyone… except Laura really.

12 Charlie

Charlie Wheeler (Aisha Tyler) seemed a perfect match for Ross, but Joey got to her first. The two dated for four episodes and, even though she essentially left him for Ross, Joey and Charlie had some fun while it lasted. The relationship did fall off the rails because Joey didn't measure up to Charlie's expectations intellectually.

He used the word acrimonious without knowing what it meant and that irked her. He suggested that Charlie and Ross add some Star Wars stuff to their presentation, which she didn't love. And, finally, when Joey and Rachel laughed at the words “homo” and “erectus,” Charlie decided that her and Joey were done for. Super attractive woman though. Oh yes.

11 Katie

Soleil Moon Frye will always be best known for playing Punky on Punky Brewster, but her brief stint on Friends as Joey's girlfriend Katie, was pretty memorable. Katie was the spunky little hottie who couldn't resist punching Joey every time he said anything.

Joey reveals that those little punches really hurt, so he decides to break up with her. Showing up to do the deed wearing six sweaters to protect himself against breakup punches, Joey plans to end the relationship.

But Katie ends up punching Rachel, which leads to the two women punching each other harder and harder. The battle ends with Rachel kicking Katie in the ankle, and, when Joey doesn't stand up for her, Katie breaks up with him and leaves.

Before all the punching, the group seemed to Katie, Joey especially, but she was too much to handle. She was far too energetic and happy for anyone. Just imagine how annoying she would be in the morning.

10 Angela

Even though we never saw them together, Joey and Angela (Kim Gillingham) dated in what appears to have been a long-term relationship before the show even started.

We meet the blonde beauty at Central Perk where Joey suggests that she and her new boyfriend go on a double date with him and Monica, all with the plan of breaking them up. Chandler mentions, during another episode, that Joey and Angela dated for three years, which might make that Joey's longest relationship.

Joey does end up dating Angela again very briefly, even though we don’t ever get confirmation that it's the same Angela and we never see her.

9 Kate

Kate is the fictional fiery redhead theater actress played by the real actress, Dina Meyer. Joey and Kate hate each other at first because she is condescending towards him in really every way and this really bothers Joey. All women are supposed to love him.

When he starts being rude right back to her, the two begin to develop some onstage chemistry and the feelings follow. As soon as Joey goes to make his move, he discovers that Kate is dating the play's director, but after the play bombs, the director leaves Kate and she and Joey get together.

It wasn’t very long-lasting though, as Kate lands a job that takes her to Los Angeles. Joey uses his lines in the play to say goodbye to Kate and she leaves, never to be seen again.

8 Cecilia

When Joey gets the call that he had a shot of returning to Days of Our Lives, he thought it was going to be as Drake Ramoray's evil twin, but that audition never worked out. Instead, he learned that his character would be getting a brain transplant from another character on the show, Jessica Flockhart.

Jessica was played by Cecilia Monroe, who was played by Susan Sarandon. When Joey and Cecilia began to work closely together in order for Joey to learn her character's moves and mannerisms, sparks fly. Sarandon in real life, Cecilia is a megastar and has a powerful magnetism about her.

She looks absolutely fantastic in the show and it's no secret why Joey fell for her.

7 Erika

Erika Ford is the crazed Days of Our Lives fan played by Brooke Shields. She believes that Drake Ramoray is a real person. Because of this, she takes a very serious, very obsessive liking to Joey and, being Joey, he takes advantage of that because she just happens to be gorgeous.

She begins to take things a bit too seriously when she accuses Joey of cheating on her because she watched his character have an on-screen relationship with another woman. To get her off the scent, Joey tells her that he is actually Drake's evil brother, Hans, and she deserves to be with the real Drake.

Fun side note: Apparently, Shields' real life spouse, Andre Agassi, was on set watching the filming of this episode and lost his mind when he saw Shields kissing Matt LeBlanc.

6 Erin

Erin is the smoking hot brunette played by Kristin Davis. She's a rarity in that she is the one who doesn't Joey, even though Joey seems to be her type. Joey tries to do his normal thing with Kristin at first: date once, sleep with her and then break up with her.

He asks if Phoebe and Rachel can subtly tell Erin that Joey is a lone wolf kind of guy. They don't. They spend the whole day with Erin and then try to convince Joey to give her another shot because they really her. He does and starts to develop feelings for her.

Sadly, she doesn't feel any of those same feelings for Joey, saying she's somewhat of a lone wolf herself.

5 Ursula

In “The One with Two Parts,” Joey briefly dates Phoebe's twin sister Ursula (Lisa Kudrow). Phoebe hates that they're together because she figures that Ursula is going to hurt Joey, one of her best friends. Eventually, Ursula begins avoiding Joey, as Phoebe predicted would happen, hoping to end their brief fling that way.

Even though you would think Phoebe would enjoy that news, she decides to pretend to be Ursula to let Joey down lightly. In disguise, Phoebe breaks up with him and they kiss goodbye, but Joey feels that something's up. Long story short: Joey knew it was Phoebe. Since Ursula happens to look Phoebe, she also happens to be really good looking.

That's also why she's on this list.

4 Kristen

Kristen is the new girl in town played by Gabrielle Union. Both Ross and Joey date her for a very short time. In fact, we barely see Joey with her. We see Ross meet her and then we hear that Joey met her as well. When the two guys discover that they're going to be dating the same woman, they decide to go on only one date and see who she s best.

After setting a spending limit for their dates, Joey gets mad when Ross buys flowers above and beyond their date price limit. He crashes Ross' date and the two guys end up verbally sparring and telling all their worst secrets. During the argument, Kristen leaves the dinner table without us even noticing and we never see her again.

We'll always remember how hot she was though.

3 Kathy

Kathy, played by Paget Brewster, is one of the hottest of the girlfriends on Friends. She is only the second girl to have dated both Chandler and Joey (the other being Ginger), but she's the only one that we get to actually see with both of the guys.

Because of this we get a lot of Kathy, six episodes in total. Now, we won't shy away from the fact that Kathy's story and the fact that we see her more than most of the women on this list probably adds to her attractiveness.

We get to see her in a number of different outfits and situations, which adds to her charm. But sweet lord, she's gorgeous. Kathy's big issue is that she cheats on her boyfriends.

She kissed Chandler when she was with Joey and Chandler had to spend time in a box to make up for it. We might not be able to forgive her but we can certainly look at her.

2 Janine

Janine Lecroix is played by the world-renowned beauty, Elle Macpherson. After Chandler moved out, Joey had the Australian dancer move in, despite not knowing a single thing about her. Actually, that’s not true. He knew she was incredibly hot and that was enough.

Janine got five episodes on Friends and her and Joey eventually date after they kiss for a New Years special. Even though his relationship with Janine was going well, Joey ends it because Janine hated Chandler and Monica. Some words are thrown around, Janine apologizes to the couple, but then she and Monica fight again.

Joey had to decide between his friends and the drop-dead gorgeous Australian, so he chose his friends.

1 Rachel

Rachel and Joey were a strange couple. We love them individually, but they didn’t look right together. Maybe it was just because we knew it couldn’t last, but something was just off. Either way, Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) is the hottest woman on the planet, so it would make sense that she's Joey's most attractive girlfriend as well.

Throughout the show, there were some hints that something might happen between Joey and Rachel at some point, but it wasn't until Rachel tried to sleep with Joey in “The One with Ross's Step Forward” that we ever honestly think something might go down.

Then, Joey takes Rachel out on a date and they each let their guards down and tell each other things about themselves the other never knew that their little fling takes off.

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The Significant Others From

Friends: Ranking The 20 Hottest Women Joey Tribbiani Ever Dated

It's no lie the six “Friends” dated more than their fair share of people over the show's ten season run. Whether they were lovable or just a little too quirky, they always gave the cast something to complain about. Here is a ranking of the significant others from least to most dateable.

NOTE: This list only includes significant others that were on at least two episodes.

25. Barry Farber

Engaged to: Rachel

Pros: He’s an orthodontist, so he’s probably rich.

Cons: Everything else. He cheated on Rachel with her best friend, Mindy, cheated on Mindy with Rachel, married Mindy, and then cheated on her with someone else.

24. Paolo

Dated: Rachel

Pros: He’s a gorgeous Italian with a think accent.

Cons: He’s pretty dumb and he tried to hit on Phoebe while he was with Rachel. Not cool. To quote Ross, “You are a huge crap weasel.”

23. Emily Waltham

Married to: Ross

Pros: She really loves Ross and she’s always willing to share her chocolate with Joey.

Cons: She forbid Ross from seeing Rachel after they got married. Yes, he said Rachel’s name at the altar so it’s probably justified, but that doesn’t stop us from hating her for it.

22. Janine LaCroix

Dated: Joey

Pros: “Really hot dancer girl.” – Monica

Cons: She dated Joey for about 2.5 seconds and thought that gave her the right to choose his friends. Also, she was really mean to Chandler and Monica who we all know are not dull or too loud.

21. Mona

Dated: Ross

Pros: She was willing to date Ross after he failed to tell her that Rachel was pregnant with his baby.

Cons: There was nothing about her that was incredibly annoying, but there wasn’t anything that great either; she was just kind of there. Also, what kind of person wants to send out a couples Christmas card after, , a month of dating?

Dated: Chandler

Pros: She’s probably the most professional person Chandler has ever dated.

Cons: She’s super mean to her assistant, Sophie and she always has that mascara goop in the corner of her eye.

19. Mark Robinson

Dated: Rachel

Pros: He seems a genuinely nice guy, and he helped Rachel land two jobs over the course of the show.

Cons: Even though I know it’s not his fault, I definitely blame him for Ross and Rachel’s “break.” Plus, we all know he was secretly rooting for their relationship to crash and burn.

18. Eric

Dated: Phoebe

Pros: What’s not to love about a sweet second-grade teacher? He’s kind of a nerd, which is exactly what Phoebe needs.

Cons: He was engaged to her twin sister. It’s creepy.

17. Kate Miller

Dated: Joey

Pros: It takes a special woman to make Joey Tribbiani want to settle down and Kate was exactly what he needed, even if it took a little convincing.

Cons: She cheats on her boyfriend with Joey when they first meet and then leaves Joey heartbroken and forced to act with that weird blonde girl who s to paint mugs.

16. Elizabeth Stevens

Dated: Ross

Pros: She’s adorable, fun, and makes Ross loosen up for once in his life. Also, her dad is Bruce Willis.

Cons: Not only is she about thirteen years younger than Ross, she’s his student. She may have been adorable, but it really wasn’t worth risking his job. Also, her dad is the guy from “Die Hard.” That’s terrifying.

15. Fun Bobby

Dated: Monica

Pros: They don’t call him “Fun Bobby” for no reason.

Cons: Turns out, that reason was alcohol, and once you take away the tequila, he’s just “Boring Bobby”

14. Bonnie

Dated: Ross

Pros: She’s arguably the coolest girl Ross has ever dated (Sorry, Rach).

Cons: Phoebe identifies her as, “My friend who shaves her head,” which means there’s nothing that memorable about her actual personality. She’s just a roadblock in the way of Ross and Rachel’s love.

13. Carol Willick

Married to: Ross

Pros: She was married to Ross for three years, that couldn’t have been easy.

Cons: She sits back and watches as her wife, Susan, verbally attacks Ross every time they meet. She was also going to give Ben Susan’s last name and leave Ross the picture completely.

12. Pete Becker

Dated: Monica

Pros: Rolling in the dough. He was also very dedicated to Monica.

Cons: Dumb enough to think he can actually become the Ultimate Fighting Champion. He should really just stick to making computer software and taking women on dates to Italy in his private jet.

11. Gary

Dated: Phoebe

Pros: He talks about Phoebe the way every girl dreams to be talked about. Plus, he tried really hard to be involved with the rest of the friends, which is more than I can say for most of the losers the six dates.

Cons: He shot a bird through a window while lying in bed with his pacifist, vegetarian girlfriend.

10. Kathy

Dated: Joey and Chandler

Pros: She somehow dated two of the main characters without looking a tramp. In fact, I actually really d her.

Cons: She kissed Chandler while she was dating Joey and then cheated on Chandler.

9. Julie

Dated: Ross

Pros: She’s equal to Ross intellectually, which isn’t something we see often on the show. She was a nice beacon of hope for Ross in the love department after having nothing happen with Rachel for so long.

Cons: As sweet as she was, I couldn’t help but hate her for Rachel. Everyone knows they’re each other’s lobsters and nothing can stand in the way of that.

8. Charlie Wheeler

Dated: Joey and Ross

Pros: Let’s be honest, Ross is a know-it-it-all and it was nice to have someone on the show with a little more intelligence to bring him down a peg or two.

Cons: Who the heck takes back their ex after they’ve blackmailed your boyfriend? Unacceptable, even if said ex is Greg Kinnear.

7. Gavin Mitchell

Dated: Rachel

Pros: Tall, dark and handsome. He was kind of a jerk at first, but he turned out to be a great match for Rachel. Plus, there has to be some convenience in dating someone who has the exact same job as you.

Cons: There’s definitely an undeniable rivalry there when it comes to the job. At the end of the d ay, Rachel was just too confused about Ross to keep stringing Gavin along.

6. Joshua Burgin

Dated: Rachel

Pros: He has a vulnerability to him that is rare for the boyfriends on the show. He is really well dressed (thanks, Rachel), and he [almost] gives Rachel a second chance when she proposes to him after four dates.

Cons: He just got a bad divorce. Can you say, baggage? It was not the time to be diving into another relationship.

5. Tag Jones

Dated: Rachel

Pros: In the words of Rachel, “He’s so pretty I want to cry.”

Cons: He’s just too young for Rachel. It was fun for a while, but once she turned 30 it was time to get serious about the relationship she was in, which meant not dating someone who thinks it's funny to let his genitals answer the phone.

4. Janice Litman Goralnik

Dated: Chandler… multiple times

Pros: Yes, she was the most annoying significant other hands down, but after ten seasons of “Oh. My. God.” it was hard not to love her a little.

Cons: Just because she’s wormed her way into our hearts doesn’t mean we want to hear that voice any more than we have to. Seriously, she makes Fran Drescher seem soothing.

3. David

Dated: Phoebe

Pros: He’s so sweet and nerdy and there is never a shadow of a doubt that he loves Phoebe.

Cons: He left for Minsk and Phoebe grew him. Ten years is a long time to expect someone to wait for you, dude.

2. Richard Burke

Dated: Monica

Pros: He’s a real gentleman, he loves Monica despite her weird “isms,” and he actually has his life together, un the other boyfriends on the show (and most of the “Friends,” tbh). Plus, dude can rock a mustache.

Cons: He doesn’t want kids. I mean, you can’t blame him; I wouldn’t want to have a kid in my forties either. Honestly, though, part of me hopes that in another universe he and Monica are still together.

1. Mike Hannigan

Married to: Phoebe

Pros: He’s Paul-flippin-Rudd.

Cons: Absolutely nothing. I’d marry Mike, too.


Top 10 Hottest Girls That Joey Dated on Friends

Friends: Ranking The 20 Hottest Women Joey Tribbiani Ever Dated

How YOU doin'?… Nobody can rock that line quite Joey. From 1994 to 2004, Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) was the most loveable ladies man on television. He had the tendency to disregard women after the relationship had run its course (to put it nicely).

But nevertheless, he endeared himself to his friends and had a good heart. When the show ended in 2004, Joey was the only member of the gang that was still single, which was kind of fitting. Over the 10 seasons, Joey certainly had a lot of flings that were over by the end of an episode.

But there were several instances where Joey actually “fell” for the girl only to get his heart broken (that damn Ursula was evil!!). This upcoming list will tackle the flings and the heartbreaks, but the one thing that all these women have in common is that they're easy on the eyes.

Here are the top 10 hottest girls that Joey dated on Friends!

10 Soleil Moon Frye, Katie (AKA The Puncher)


There was no heartbreak involved in this one as the only thing that ended up almost breaking was Joey's arm. Katie would try to playfully throw punches at him but they were actually hurting him.

 He tried to look past this because she was really cute, and in the words of Rachel: “she is so cute, you could fit her right in your little pocket!” At the end of the episode, Joey plans on breaking up with Katie and puts on 6 sweaters in order to soften the blows, which feel : “a very tiny but very real bat.

” His logic is, if she hits him when she's happy, could you imagine how hard she'll hit him when he takes away “the Joey love”.

9 Annie Parisse, Sarah

We learned a valuable in this episode: “JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!” Phoebe reluctantly sets Joey up with her friend, Sarah. On their date, she does something unfathomable…she steals fries off of Joey's plate. In his eye's, this infringement called for an immediate breakup.

Phoebe forces him to go on another date with Sarah, but devises a plan so there won't be another French fry fiasco. She instructs Joey to order a plate of fries for the table as a “food buffer.

” The plan was foiled, apparently Sarah d stuffed clams too as she reached over and tried to rifle one off Joey's plate, causing him to drop his plate on the floor as he was trying to defend it.

She finally learns not to touch anything on his plate, but Joey tries to snag some of her dessert: “if I can't have your clams, you can't have my dessert, this is a 2 way street.” Her preach fell on deaf ears, as Joey ate the whole thing as she went to take a call.

8 Kathy, Paget Brewster


This one got intense, and was not funny at all (just kidding, it was still kind of funny). Joey was dating Kathy but Chandler ended up falling head over heels for her. The two of them had this profound chemistry and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't control his feelings.

One night they ended up kissing by the door of Joey and Chandler's apartment and Chandler decided to come clean about it and admits that he was totally over the line: “OVER THE LINE? You're so far passed the line…

that you can't even see the line! The line is a dot to you.” Being faithful was not Kathy's strong suit as she cheated on Joey with Chandler, then proceeded to cheat on Chandler with a co-star in one of her plays.

But this isn't a morality contest!

7 Charlie, Aisha Tyler


More controversy! Similar circumstances but this time the culprit is Ross rather than Chandler. Right from the get go, it was revealed that Charlie was a paleontologist and we could see where this storyline was going to go.

Ross did however show a little more restraint than Chandler, as he was rooting for Joey and even instructed him on what to talk about with her when he took her to a museum.

Unfortunately, Joey took a wrong turn upon entering the museum and ended up botching everything.

It all came to a breaking point when the gang went to Barbados to see Ross deliver a keynote speech.

Chandler accidently deletes Ross's speech off his laptop and Charlie stays up all night helping him reconstruct it. She finally realizes that her and Joey have zilch in common and breaks up with him.

Her and Ross end up kissing in Barbados, but Joey subsequently kisses Rachel. Joey always comes out on top!

6 Hayley, Susan Ward


Joey meets this sharp looking lady at Central Perk where she asks him out. Things start off normal enough as they went on a casual dinner date. But two things set Joey off as he entered her apartment.

Firstly, he was miffed that she thought he was joking when he inquired if she had anymore cake. Secondly, he started to notice familiarities in the apartment.

The scary painting, couches, and the cactus that pricked him once again: “I know I've seen this weird plant before, it did that the last time!” He surmises that he had already slept with her and is disappointed.

On their next date he cuts her off and straight up asks her why she didn't remember him? They go back and forth and Hayley is very puzzled…until the roommate walks in: “Ohhh I slept with you! And you obviously remember me, hey I still got it! So we're good? I'll let myself out…”

5 Kate Miller, Dina Meyer


Joey actually fell hard for this one, and he actually got a taste of his own medicine as she played him hot and cold. Nevertheless, she was a beauty. At first she sees no attraction to Joey, but he ultimately wins her over and they sleep together. But she was already dating the director of their play and only saw it as a one time thing, leaving Joey devastated.

The play that they starred in then turned out to be a bomb and the director dumps Kate. Joey consoles her and they end up staying up all night just talking. Monica bills it as sharing “the night.” Despite having this night, Kate leaves for a soap opera role in LA. There wasn't even time to say goodbye as she had to leave before the show finished.

4 Ursula Buffay, Lisa Kudrow


Ahh yes, this will be a complicated one for casual fans of the show. Lisa Kudrow of course plays the role of Phoebe Buffay but she also plays the role of her twin Ursula. Phoebe and Ursula are polar opposites their personalities. Phoebe is eccentric but kind and caring, while Ursula is just mean. But one thing we can all agree on is that Lisa Kudrow is hot!

Despite Phoebe's pleas, Joey goes out with Ursula. She was concerned that she would just use Joey and then phase him out, which is precisely what happened.

She wouldn't return his calls and didn't even have the decency to break up with him face to face. Phoebe pretends to be Ursula and arranges a meeting between her and Joey to nicely break up with him.

Joey requests one last kiss, and realizes it was Phoebe. It was a nice moment.

3 Erika Ford, Brooke Shields


The lovely and talented Brooke Shields played a full fledged stalker in this one. She was obsessed with the character that Joey played on TV and actually thought he was Dr. Drake Ramoray. This little tidbit didn't deter Joey as he chose to go out with her anyway (who could blame him? Brooke Shields is unreal).

She catches Drake cheating with another woman on Days of our Lives and storms over to Joey's apartment and demands to know what's going on and seems puzzled that he can be at two places at once. A hilarious break-up that involved water throwing then ensued.

2 Janine Lecroix, Elle Macpherson


Joey's interview process for finding a new roommate was very strenuous. He made up a little word association test, just to make sure their personalities would match. One candidate was well on her way until she botched the last question. He asked what comes to mind when she hears the word “doggy,” she replied with “kitten”…close but no cigar!

He finally finds Janine, who was a dancer and an absolute bombshell. He finds himself very attracted to her but she does not reciprocate. She even thwarted his “how YOU doin'” attempt.

After a New Years party however, she realizes she has feelings for him and they start dating. They break up because she can't stand Monica and Chandler.

As mentioned in the opening, Joey endears himself to his friends and he simply could not choose Janine over Chandler and Monica.

1 Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston


To this day, there are still pundits who argue that Joey and Rachel should have ended up together. They had such wonderful chemistry and so much in common, specifically their sense of humor, which was on full display in Barbados as they both giggled at the word “homo erectus.”

As mentioned above, the gang was in Barbados to see Ross deliver a keynote speech and sparks were flying it was the 4th of July. Joey and Rachel finally end up getting together, as do Ross and Charlie.

The notion of Joey and Rachel dating was a harsh reality for Ross to take, but he finally gave them his blessing, after the hilarious fajita fiasco at his apartment, where he maintains that he's “FINE.” Unfortunately, Joey and Rachel's romance was short lived.

Anytime they were about to get intimate, they would picture Ross's face or voice and could not get over it.

Simply put, Jennifer Aniston is an ageless wonder. She was 25 when the show started in 1994. It is now 20 years later and proving that she is fine wine, getting better with age.

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Friends: Ranking The 20 Hottest Women Joey Tribbiani Ever Dated

Friends: Ranking The 20 Hottest Women Joey Tribbiani Ever Dated

There are a lot of reasons that people continue to love Friends and that the sitcom continues to be one of the most-watched titles in the current streaming wars. Friends provided easy comedy, entertaining characters, and addictive storylines, but the show was also home for a revolving door of guest stars to play characters' various romantic interests.

the six main characters, Joey was definitely the luckiest in romance.

He’s not only a character who’s known for his playboy- demeanor and good lucks, but his catchphrase, “How you doin’?” is a pick-up line.

Joey's seen a number of long-term partners and temporary flings, so let's break them all down. Accordingly, Here’s A Ranking Of The 20 Hottest Women Joey Dated On Friends.

20 Felicity


Weddings are an occasion where a lot of emotions are flying around and they can lead to many unexpected romances. It's this very circumstance that spurs Chandler and Monica's relationship in the first place.

During Ross' wedding with Emily in London, Joey can't help but get enamored with one of Emily's bridesmaids, Felicity.

There's a certain novelty to the whole bridesmaid aspect of Felicity, but she always feels a fling for Joey, especially due to her European status.

19 Kristen


Gabrielle Union's Kristen is another prospective suitor that manages to get torn between Joey and Ross. The two of them both meet Kristen independently, but they soon realize that they have a date with the same woman.

The two attempt to amicably set price limits and ground rules to make things fair.

After Ross breaks the rules, Joey interrupts their date and the boys spend the whole time ruining each other to the point that Kristen just leaves, deciding that she doesn't want to be with either of them.

18 Laura


Maria Pitillo's Laura enters the scene as a gatekeeper for Chandler and Monica. Laura is a social worker who's set to judge if Chandler and Monica are fit to be foster parents.

They have a lot riding on the line here, but Laura also shares an awkward history with Joey. This beauty failed to call Joey back after they hooked up, which Joey uses to leverage in Monica and Chandler's predicament.

Joey effectively makes Laura feel bad and gains the upper hand and moral high ground in the end.

17 Katie

Via Neolaia.


Hey, look! It's Soleil Moon Frye's Punky Brewster all grown up! Katie is a definite looker, but she's also a part of a rather humorous situation that almost feels more akin to something from Seinfeld. Katie is a “puncher,” and even though it's playful, it starts to seriously hurt Joey. He begins to wear multiple layers as a form of padding, but her enthusiasm is still too much to bear.

16 Lorraine


A lot of the time when you date someone, you also essentially end up dating their group of friends. When Joey connects with Lorraine, there's enough of an attraction on their end.

The relationship perhaps could have blossomed into something greater, but it doesn't even really get a chance to get started because Lorraine is friends with Janice. Janice and Chandler have a tumultuous on-again-off-again relationship, but Joey has never been able to stomach her.

Lorraine's proximity to Janice and how she exposes Joey to more of her is enough of a deal-breaker to end things.

15 Sandy

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Sandy's a pretty torturous encounter for Joey that doesn't work out on any level.

She's his date for Monica's New Year's Eve party back in season one and Joey is fairly smitten and hopeful to hook up with her.

The issue here is that Sandy is a mother and she brings her two children to the party. This seriously impedes Joey's game for the night and makes his inappropriate impulses all the more awkward.

14 Haley


Susan Ward's Haley is one of the more humorous date situations that Joey finds himself in.

Joey is stunned by Haley's looks, but when he recognizes her apartment, he realizes that they must have hooked up in the past. Joey can't remember Haley, but he's more hurt that she can't remember him.

In the end, it turns out that Joey was actually with Haley's roommate in the past. Needless to say, things don't end well.

13 Sarah


If there's anything that Joey values more than romance, it's a fine meal.

The importance of food to Joey is repeatedly shown throughout Friends, but Annie Parisse's Sarah is Joey's only date that invades that space in a big way.

Joey is highly attracted to Sarah, but his problem with her is that she eats some of his food during dinner. Joey tries to give her another chance, for Phoebe's sake, but the situation only gets worse as Sarah gets between Joey and his food.

12 Cecilia Monroe

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Cecilia is one of Joey's more absurd relationships, but through this passion for acting they're able to form a very sweet relationship.

The two finds each other since they've both oddly played Drake on Days of Our Lives. Not only is there a respect between these two, but they push each other to not settle in their craft.

Plus, Susan Sarandon is just a delight in this role.

11 Lauren


The situation with Lauren is really too bad. She has the best of intentions and really sees something in Joey, but she's basically treated as a means to an end and collateral damage once Joey falls for Kathy. Lauren is gorgeous, but Joey just gets too obsessed with Kathy and has to dip out. Lauren even thinks that Joey is a good actor.

10 Melanie


When it comes to Joey's relationships, they tend to go to a very physical place. He's a character that often seems more concerned with the bedroom antics of a relationship than the emotional work that's necessary behind it.

Melanie comes at an interesting time for Joey since he's not able to get intimate. This allows Joey and Melanie to form a genuine connection, even if she does act very motherly towards him. It's a shame that Melanie only sticks around for a single episode.

9 Angela Delveccio


Angela Delveccio may not be that memorable and come towards the beginning of the series, but she and enjoy obviously experience something special that the cameras aren't privy to.

Angela is special because it's revealed that she and Joey were together for three years before the start of the series. That's a milestone for Joey. Joey uses Monica as a decoy girlfriend to make her jealous.

She definitely has a look that Joey would be into.

8 Kate Miller

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Before Joey breaks out into television he sees a respectable career doing smaller theater productions.

It's usually not a great idea to mix business with pleasure, but that doesn't stop Joey from hooking up with his scene partner, Kate.

Joey's there for Kate when their director manipulates her, bit their sweet courtship is cut short when she moves to LA for a role.

7 Ursula Buffay

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This entry is a bit of a trip because Ursula is Phoebe's twin sister.

However, this romance also takes place during the earlier seasons of Friends when both Phoebe and Ursula have more of their frumpy, hippy looks.

What's rough here is that Ursula only gets together with Joey to drive her sister crazy, but Joey has actual feelings for her. It's rough to see her treat Joey so poorly with Phoebe caught in the middle.

6 Janine Lacroix


It's never a good idea to pollute your home base with unnecessary hormones. It may seem appealing and easy, but hooking up with your roommate is a very easy way to inadvertently accelerate a relationship. Joey is very taken by his new Australian model roommate Janine, played by Elle Macpherson, no less. It very quickly turns to disaster.

5 Erin


Kristin Davis' Charlotte wasn't the most loved member of the group on Sex and the City, but she makes a considerable impact on Friends as one of Joey's reckless flings.

Curiously, Joey pawns Erin off on Phoebe and Rachel, who end up taking a real shine to her. They convince Joey to give Erin another shot, only for Erin to be the one who ends the relationship in the end, crushing Joey.

4 Erika Ford


The portion on Friends where Joey is a headliner on the soap opera Days of Our Lives is a very fun time from the start of the show.

Joey's soap escapades rope him together with Erika, a crazed fan who actually beloved that Joey is his Days character.

Joey carries the ruse because of how attracted he is to Erika, but when it becomes too much to bear, he convinces her that he's Drake's evil twin, Hans.

3 Charlie Wheeler


A lot of the time Friends plays around with extremes, but Aisha Tyler's Charlie is a rare case of brains and beauty. Charlie is torn between Joey and Ross and she pushes Joey into some interesting territory as he deals with his own intellectual limitations. Charlie is pretty much the whole package.

2 Kathy


Kathy marks a controversial time for the series because she's a woman that comes between Joey and Chandler and causes a major right in their friendship. Kathy is played by the always-reliable Paget Brewster, whose career was just getting started at the time, but she's still very clearly a star.

1 Rachel Green


It may have been one of the more controversial pairings throughout the course of the series, but it's hard to blame Joey for being attracted towards Rachel, especially with her look towards the end of the series. Rachel's inclusion here isn't surprising, even if we don't want to be reminded of it.

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